I-Flow Announces Start of Study of ON-Q Pain Relief Device Following Breast Reconstruction Surgery at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

I-Flow Announces Start of Study of ON-Q Pain Relief Device Following Breast Reconstruction Surgery at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

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LAKE FOREST, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 2, 2003

I-Flow Corporation (NASDAQ: IFLO)

Study to Show Efficacy of ON-Q’s Continuous Surgical Site Pain

Relief to Help Patients Return to Their Normal Lives

Faster Following Surgery

I-Flow Corporation (NASDAQ: IFLO), today announced that The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center has commenced a study with the ON-Q(R) Post-Operative Pain Relief System in women undergoing breast reconstruction surgery. The goal of this randomized study to involve 60 women over the next several months to a year is to measure the potential benefits of this device to help patients return to their normal lives faster while reducing narcotics intake following surgery. The study will be conducted with I-Flow’s ON-Q, a continuous, non-narcotic surgical-site pain relief device.

This study will be led by Charles E. Butler, M.D., Director of the Plastic Surgery Clinic at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in collaboration with Alicia Kowalski, M.D., assistant professor in anesthesiology at M. D. Anderson. All patients in the study will undergo a TRAM Flap, a surgical method using the body’s own tissues to reconstruct the breast following a mastectomy, and will receive an ON-Q pump. Half of the ON-Q pumps will be filled with a local anesthetic to be delivered to the surgical site and the other half will be filled with a placebo of saline. In all cases, patients will be given the standard pain medications delivered through a Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) device in addition to ON-Q and will be continuously graded on a standard pain scale to determine comfort level. All of the patients will be evaluated on the amount of narcotics necessary to alleviate their pain and the pace of their overall recovery, for example, the length of their hospital stay.

“With TRAM Flap surgery there is more pain than with other breast reconstructive surgeries, and it traditionally requires a longer hospital stay and a longer recovery time,” said Butler. “This study will compare a technique that directly infuses pain medication into the surgical site to standard pain management to determine if patients experience less pain, side effects and, ultimately, a shorter recovery time.”

“I-Flow is dedicated to continuously providing clinical data that supports what we believe is a better option for treating post-surgical pain and this study also reinforces our ongoing commitment to improving the quality of women’s healthcare,” said Donald M. Earhart, president and CEO of I-Flow Corporation. “We are encouraged to have the prestigious M. D. Anderson Cancer Center evaluating our innovative system.”

About ON-Q

The ON-Q(R) Post-Operative Pain Relief System provides targeted pain relief after surgery only where the body needs it, delivering a non-narcotic numbing medication directly to an incision site. ON-Q consists of a small, high-tech balloon pump that delivers local anesthetic, a pain-numbing medication, directly to the surgical site for up to five days. The anesthetic is administered through a tiny specially-designed tube (catheter) that’s inserted by a surgeon during surgery. ON-Q is cleared for use by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

ON-Q can deliver narcotic-free pain relief for many surgeries, including: cesarean sections, hysterectomies, knee replacements, mastectomies, cardiovascular/thoracic procedures, foot and ankle surgeries and many cosmetic surgeries. A growing body of clinical information is becoming available for ON-Q for many different surgeries. For more information about ON-Q, visit www.askyoursurgeon.com or call 800-448-3569.

About I-Flow Corporation

I-Flow Corporation (www.i-flowcorp.com) designs, develops and markets technically advanced drug delivery systems that are redefining the standard of care by providing life enhancing, cost effective solutions for pain relief.

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