GroupSystems Launches ThinkTank™; Web 2.0 Group Intelligence Technology Expedites Innovation Capacity of Companies

GroupSystems Launches ThinkTank™; Web 2.0 Group Intelligence Technology Expedites Innovation Capacity of Companies

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — GroupSystems Corporation, the world leader in group intelligence and team decision-making technology, today announced the unveiling of ThinkTank, its next-generation Web 2.0 collaborative technology. ThinkTank offers organizations of any size an easy-to-use, high-ROI (return on investment) way to create or improve collaborative innovation environments.

This unveiling will be the first of many events in celebration of “The Year of Group Intelligence,” GroupSystems year-long campaign to educate corporate and government communities on the benefits of team collaboration and collective wisdom to drive innovation.

ThinkTank is the only structured collaboration technology based on customer-proven methodologies and 19 years of scientific research. It allows groups to either face-to-face or virtually innovate, create or reach consensus faster than ever before. ThinkTank’s powerful tools are designed to harness the power of a group to ultimately generate better ideas and solutions, expediting innovation. Groups can contribute anonymously, and then collectively, to vet all possibilities. Teams can then evaluate and prioritize the results of their input. Finally, a meeting report is generated that contains clear deliverables and action items. Work sessions are conducted within an enterprise or across the value chain with other partners.

“ThinkTank gives our current and future customers what they most want: a Web 2.0 teamspace to realize the benefits of group intelligence. Whether the problem is strategic planning or product design or human resource optimization, ThinkTank will bring group collaboration to every desktop,” said Luis Solis, CEO and President of GroupSystems. “The key benefits of using ThinkTank are team productivity, breakthrough innovations and technology enablement of important processes — so that best practices are shared and re-used. We expect organizations will soon see the merits of working the new way towards group intelligence.”

Built using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with many of the latest open-source components, ThinkTank is highly reliable, fast, scalable and integrates easily with other applications. ThinkTank is browser-based and requires no client installation since it uses Flash. It runs on the Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems.

“As a long-time user of GroupSystems software, I’m excited about the ThinkTank launch. ThinkTank’s natural interface makes it easy for meeting leaders to design and facilitate productive meetings and efficiently bring the best ideas and decisions from the work group,” says Jerry Abrams, Director of Collaboration Services, The Center for Creative Leadership.


Browser Access:

Sessions can be managed or joined from anywhere, using any computer… for ease of use

Presence Control:

Instant capability to know session members and their status


Intuitive agenda with drag-and-drop menus that make it easy for a leader to organize effective sessions

Meeting Wizard:

Automatically creates email invitations, sets up session URLs and emails this information to the selected participants


Assists meeting participants in three common group activities: generating lists of ideas, brainstorming comments that elaborate on/or support the ideas and organizing the ideas into categories

Alternative Analysis:

Enables the team to rate a list of alternatives against as many criteria as desired, then immediately view the degree of group consensus on an item. Supports collaborative efforts such as:

–Analyzing the strength and weaknesses of products and services

–Exploring the merits of proposed policies or strategic plans

–Developing consensus within a group by pinpointing and encouraging discussion about areas of disagreement

–Prioritizing requirements for new software projects

–Allocating resources among projects, departments or services

Rank Order Vote:

This voting tool allows participants to “stack rank” ideas in order of preference and then view the entire team’s opinions and the degree of consensus. Intuitive graphs make it easy for the team to grasp

Participant Rights:

Allows the leader to configure the session participants’ accessibility to certain meeting functions and/or information

Meeting Reports:

Dramatic charting and visual graphing plus organization of information to enhance group reports (charts, graphs and reports are instantly available)

Pricing and Licensing:

ThinkTank(TM) offers the most value of any group collaboration technology in the marketplace. Customers typically pay back their investment in just 3-6 months.

We license ThinkTank(TM) the way you want to use it:

–On-demand events (3-day minimum)

–Hosted on GroupSystems servers

–Installed license on your servers

About GroupSystems

Founded by the University of Arizona with backing from IBM Corporation, GroupSystems is the premier provider of collaborative innovative technology. The company supports the largest global customer base in Group Intelligence in Government, Military, Education and Corporate segments. The company’s extensive customer base represents roughly 75% market share of the Group Intelligence segment of collaborative computing, making the company as large as its next three competitors combined. Major partners include IBM Corporation, ITESM/Tec de Monterrey, GTSI, Integrated Media Systems, Marratech, Advanced Strategy Center, MeetingSupport, GroupSupport and Consensus Online Denmark. Additional information is available at

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