GreenTree Nutrition Acquires Acumins Custom Vitamin Company; Leading Wellness Site Purchases Acumin Corporation to Extend Personalized Offerings

GreenTree Nutrition Acquires Acumins Custom Vitamin Company; Leading Wellness Site Purchases Acumin Corporation to Extend Personalized Offerings

SAN FRANCISCO–(BW HealthWire)–Nov. 19, 1998–GreenTree Nutrition(SM), Inc. (, the leading online wellness center and superstore, today announced the acquisition of Acumin Corporation, the world’s only producer of vitamins and supplements personalized to the individual health needs of its customers.

Founded in 1996, Acumin Corporation was the first and only company to customize nutritional supplements for its customers. Using a simple two-step process of scientific testing and lifestyle analysis, Acumins(TM) is able to provide individuals with tailored vitamins that incorporate precise amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants designed to meet each customer’s specific nutritional needs.

This unique one-to-one customer relationship will allow GreenTree to further leverage the Web as a way to make health and wellness solutions easy and convenient.

“Customers have responded tremendously to this product as it meets the very specific needs of the individual,” said Brad Oberwager, founder and CEO of Acumin. “Coupling our personalized vitamins with GreenTree’s unbiased wellness information and product offerings is a natural match.”

By answering a series of simple questions on the GreenTree site regarding lifestyle, health and wellness goals, the Acumin’s SmartSelect system recommends the appropriate dosage of each specific vitamin, mineral and supplement. Acumins also enables people to take fewer, more targeted vitamins by consolidating the daily intake of supplements into fewer capsules.

“We are committed to providing our visitors with health and wellness solutions to match their unique individual needs,” said Don Kendall, co-founder and CEO of GreenTree Nutrition. “Acumins personalized vitamins are the cutting edge of personal nutritional supplementation and provide our customers with a unique and powerful way to stay healthy.”

Acumins users can conveniently order supplements designed for specific nutritional needs and have them shipped directly to their door. Each monthly supply contains daily packets that have the maximum amount of nutrients combined in the fewest number of capsules. Acumin’s custom blend-and-pack process is unique in the industry and provides the most advanced form of supplementation for its consumers.

“People who used to take a dozen pills a day can now take just three or four. Compared to purchasing myriad vitamins at the store, the Acumin system is a much simpler, and often less expensive, way to get all their nutrients,” according to Oberwager. “Packing the Acumins in individual day packs is great for people when they travel and makes it much easier for people to remember to take their vitamins every day.”

The Acumin customized vitamin process has been developed in conjunction with the country’s leading nutritionists, pharmacists and with assistance from Dr. Orien Tulp, a professor at the Drexel University School of Nutrition, a known leader in the nutrition and wellness field. Through the development of Acumin’s one-to-one proprietary process, customers’ needs are assessed, and they are given one of over 37 million formulation combinations personalized to meet their exact criteria.

Acumin corporate headquarters, currently located in the University City Science Center in Philadelphia, will move to San Francisco, where GreenTree Nutrition is located. Oberwager will assume the role of GreenTree CFO.

The Acumin acquisition extends GreenTree’s mission of providing people with solutions to wellness issues through unbiased health information and quality products, which the company has been working toward since its inception in late 1997. The personalized vitamins can be accessed through GreenTree ( or Acumins (

GreenTree Nutrition

GreenTree’s mission is to empower consumers with comprehensive and personalized information they can trust to make informed choices about their health and nutrition. The company’s Internet site combines objective health information with the cost advantages and convenience of online shopping across a wide range of wellness products such as vitamins, herbs and other dietary supplements.

Founded in November 1997, the company’s Board of Directors includes John Sculley, former CEO of Apple Computer; Perk Perkins, CEO of The Orvis Company; J. Neil Weintraut, founding partner, 21st Century Internet Venture Partners; E. Scott Russell, general partner, Softbank Ventures; Mark Leschly, general partner, HealthCare Ventures; and Habib Kairouz, managing director, Rho Management.

For more information about the company and its products, please visit GreenTree at or call Tessa Burns at (415) 979-9597, extension 113. Editors please contact Heather Hahn,, 415/896-1915, Antenna Group.

Acumin Corporation

The Acumin Corporation is the first and only company in the world that offers custom-blended vitamins specifically formulated for individual customers. Founded in 1996, the company has created a program called SmartSelect, a questionnaire about a customer’s lifestyle, health and prevention issues, that allows the company to recommend a personal formula of customized vitamins.

Acumin Corporation’s custom blend and pack process is unique in the industry and provides the most advanced form of supplementation for its customers. Acumin Corporation is currently located in Philadelphia, Penn. and can be reached by calling 1-888-ACUMINS.

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