GreenMouse Combines Philanthropy, Employee Development and e-Waste Recycling

GreenMouse Combines Philanthropy, Employee Development and e-Waste Recycling

Re-launched Company Adopts Purpose-Driven Philosophy

SAN JOSE, Calif. — GreenMouse, a purpose-driven residential and commercial electronic waste collector, today announced the re-launch of its company after a name change. Since 2004, eWaste Services has been serving commercial and residential customers, and although its mission remains unchanged, the new name better represents the vision and focus of owner Evelyn O’Donnell.

“I see GreenMouse as a vehicle to do great things for the community, creating jobs and giving back to non-profit organizations while providing an essential service,” O’Donnell said. “My goal is to put a friendly face on the recycling industry and make sure individuals and businesses know where to turn when they need to dispose of electronic waste.”

GreenMouse is subsidized by the state, so its employees pick up e-waste–everything from computer monitors and TVs to batteries and mobile phones–at no cost to customers. Items are disposed of in accordance with state and federal guidelines, recycled, or even re-purposed…the latter occurring when GreenMouse took on the cost of shipping computers and monitors a Boston company no longer needed to a San Diego school.

“I thrive on finding opportunities where I can help,” O’Donnell said. “I enjoy hiring people who are new to the workforce and especially like getting involved with fundraisers, such as one that is using its proceeds to send kids to New Orleans to build homes for Katrina victims.”

GreenMouse is interested in contracting with large companies that need e-waste disposed of regularly and is equally focused on providing solutions to non-profits, churches and individuals, especially the elderly and disabled, who might be at a loss as to how to dispose of unwanted electronics. The company will be at Greenfair Silicon Valley in San Jose on June 7-8 with their larger-than-life mascot Mr. GreenMouse. For more information about GreenMouse’s services and philosophy, visit

About GreenMouse

GreenMouse, a privately held company in San Jose, Calif., was founded in 2004 as eWaste Services. A state-approved collector of electronic waste, GreenMouse is a purpose-driven organization that provides training and career opportunities for adults with limited work experience and/or education, and offers a friendly face in the recycling industry. The company also supports non-profit organizations in Silicon Valley and across the country. For more information, visit

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