Governor Addresses Business Leaders and Tours High-Tech Traffic Control Center

Governor Addresses Business Leaders and Tours High-Tech Traffic Control Center


Governor Ventura Tuesday will learn firsthand how Japan’s use of technology has led to one of the most elaborate traffic management centers in the world. Accompanied by Minnesota transportation commissioner Elwyn Tinklenberg, the governor will tour the Traffic Management Center in Tokyo, where computers keep traffic moving by controlling the timing of 7000 traffic signals – about half of all signals in the metropolitan area. Assisted by television monitors, center operators can override the computer to trigger traffic control functions, alleviate congestion and provide traffic information from the consoles on their desks.

“Tokyo has the same problems with traffic congestion that we have in Minnesota, so it’s important that we compare our two systems and find out if we can work together to enhance them both,” said Governor Ventura. “For example, Minnesota’s 3M products are easily integrated with Japan’s beacon system to improve emergency vehicle traffic.”

Following his tour, Governor Ventura will deliver the keynote speech at a luncheon co-sponsored by the Japan America Society and the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Founded in 1948, the ACCJ represents hundreds of American firms doing business in Japan. The Japan America Society, with nearly 800 individual and corporate members, has promoted business and educational ties between the United States and Japan for the past 82 years.

Later in the day, the Governor and his delegation will board Japan’s fastest train and head to Osaka. The bullet train “Shinkansen” is quieter and safer than traditional trains, yet travels between major cities at speeds up to 300 kph. (188 mph). -0-

Tuesday, November 9

– 9 a.m. Tokyo Traffic Management Center, 6-18-8 Shinbashi,


– 12 p.m. Speech to Japan America Society and American Chamber of

Commerce, Japan, Hotel Okura, 2-10-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku

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