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GigaLabs and Datakom form alliance to deliver industry’s most advanced gigabit switching technology to Western Europe; partners to display high-performance switching solutions at CeBIT

GigaLabs and Datakom form alliance to deliver industry’s most advanced gigabit switching technology to Western Europe; partners to display high-performance switching solutions at CeBIT

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 6, 1997–GigaLabs, Inc., a technology leader in the supercomputer and enterprise LAN switching markets, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Datakom GmbH, a leading provider of LAN solutions to corporate customers that will market GigaLabs’ product line of high performance gigabit switches in Germany.

GigaLabs and Datakom will showcase the GigaLabs product line at the CeBIT technology conference in Hanover, Germany, from Thursday, March 13 through Wednesday, March 19.

“Our partnership with GigaLabs allows us to offer our customers the most innovative switching technology available,” said Paul Hoffmann, managing director of Datakom. “GigaLabs’ switching solutions offer the fastest and most effective way of connecting networks directly to the server I/O bus which eliminates what has historically been a bottleneck. The company’s switching approach not only provides an effective solution today, but also allows riskfree migration to gigabit performance.”

“As one of the early adopters of switching technology, Datakom has developed an in-depth knowledge of their customers needs for cost-effective, high-performance solutions,” said David Baker, managing director of GigaLabs Europe. “They’re the ideal partner for introducing gigabit switching solutions to this key market. GigaLabs recently introduced the first production-ready, Gigabit Ethernet switching solutions and Datakom will be instrumental in moving this key technology into strategic accounts.”

About GigaLabs’ Products

GigaLabs produces the GigaStar line of high-speed LAN switches which provide high-performance desktop-to-backbone connections and gigabit bandwidth at critical network junctures. GigaStar products support industry-standard media, including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, ATM, FDDI, and Gigabit Ethernet (first generation), for transparent integration into today’s LANs. In addition, GigaStar products support I/O Switching, GigaLabs’ unique approach which provides the fastest performance available between I/O devices such as servers and disk storage devices and GigaStar switches.

The GigaStar 100 is a high-performance stackable workgroup switch that incorporates the flexibility of a modular switch to allow for network growth. Up to 40 switched 10Mbps Ethernet or 32 switched 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet ports can be supported in a single chassis, or a combination of the two. In a stacked configuration, the GigaStar 100 scales to 152 switched 10Mb ports in a single stack. Various standards-based uplink options are available including Fast Ethernet, FDDI, ATM, and first-generation Gigabit Ethernet.

GigaLabs unique I/O switching approach which provides the fastest performance between I/O devices and GigaStar switches. Using the GigaPipe option, the I/O bus of a server (PCI or SBus) can be extended directly into the switch bypassing the extra step of protocol translation at the server to increase performance 4-6x. Also, the GigaScuz is available for connecting SCSI devices directly into the switch, bypassing the server for as much as 10x increase in performance. Server backup time can be greatly reduced using the GigaScuz. Local and remote network management is supported through SNMP and optional RMON.

GigaLabs Introduces Industry’s First Gigabit Ethernet Switch

To meet the needs of the most demanding network bandwidth requirements, GigaLabs recently introduced the GigaStar 3000, the computing industry’s first Gigabit Ethernet switch designed for enterprise network backbone and server connectivity. The GigaStar 3000 provides up to eight full-duplex, full-bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet ports through the company’s high performance 18Gbps switching fabric. The pre-standard Gigabit Ethernet switch and a Gigabit Ethernet network interface card for servers/workstations are shipping now.

The GigaStar 3000 is based on GigaLabs’ high performance switching fabric that ensures full throughput, 2 Gbps bandwidth for each module. Based on the GigaLabs’ supercomputer switching technology, the GigaStar 3000 utilizes a non-blocking crossbar switching fabric to provide latency of only 750 nsec and high bandwidth. This switching technology provides the bandwidth necessary to meet increasing demand for moving large volumes of data, graphics, video and voice over the network backbone.

About GigaLabs, Inc.

Founded in 1988 as Input Output Systems, GigaLabs, Inc., has delivered high-speed switches to the world’s foremost institutions and corporations in a variety of industries including health care. GigaLabs clients include AT&T, Batelle, Boston University, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Lockheed, NASA, NTT, Raytheon, Silicon Graphics, Shell Oil, Westinghouse, and many others. Based in Sunnyvale, GigaLabs has leveraged its proven expertise in high-end supercomputers into products designed for today’s enterprise networks. The company’s mission is to maintain leadership in gigabit solutions for corporate LANs by uniquely integrating networking with input/output technologies. For more information about GigaLabs or its product line, call 1-800/LAN-8120 or 408/481-3030, or visit the GigaLabs World Wide Web home page at .

About Datakom

Datakom, headquartered in Munich, Germany, has branch offices throughout Germany. The company is an experienced provider of LAN solutions to corporate customers throughout Germany. For more information Lydia Krowka at 49-89-96-3096.

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