GenuOne™ Enhances Online Brand Protection Management Solution; GenuNET™ 4.5 Stands as Industry’s Most Comprehensive Product Suite to Minimize Counterfeiting, Gray Market Diversion and IP Infringement

GenuOne™ Enhances Online Brand Protection Management Solution; GenuNET™ 4.5 Stands as Industry’s Most Comprehensive Product Suite to Minimize Counterfeiting, Gray Market Diversion and IP Infringement

BOSTON — Brand owners looking to combat intellectual property infringement and online sales of counterfeit, gray market and stolen products can now access the industry’s most comprehensive online brand protection solution — GenuNET 4.5 from GenuOne, a provider of brand protection management solutions. This latest version of GenuNET is the industry’s first solution that offers users an executive dashboard view of online activity related to their brands and products across all facets of the Internet, including auction sites, trade boards, retail web sites and within domain names. Information is stored in the GenuNET ASP-hosted system for data filtering, prioritization, trending and analytics.

Because of its low barrier to entry and global reach, the Internet has become a primary factor in the enormous increase of counterfeiting, gray market diversion and intellectual property theft. Today, products ranging from networking equipment, footwear, auto parts, clothing, accessories, pharmaceuticals and electronics are easily counterfeited and sold online to consumers across the world.

Key GenuNET 4.5 enhancements include: enhanced case management workflows, increased system speed, broader trade board coverage, extended coverage to 14 additional eBay country sites bringing the total to 24 sites, the ability to monitor eBay stores and expanded database functionality.

GenuNET 4.5 includes the following modules:

–GenuNET Auctions(TM): Through an agreement with eBay, GenuNET extracts and uploads relevant listings, applies specific filters and alerts enabling organizations to quickly identify suspicious listings and track suspect sellers across any of the 24 eBay sites of concern. The system also enables users to automatically terminate and archive multiple infringing listings at once. GenuOne offers enforcement services to manage the auction shutdown process on behalf of its clients.

–GenuNET Tradeboards(TM): By tracking hundreds of online B2B (business-to-business) exchanges, GenuNET reports sellers offering client products in bulk and at deep discounts from retail prices, allowing users to gather the information they need to better focus investigative and legal resources on identifying the source of counterfeit goods and/or unauthorized distribution.

–GenuNET PriceWatch(TM): A proprietary search and parsing system for tracking global product pricing trends and variances, GenuNET PriceWatch gives customers the ability to track online product pricing and regional availability across retail web sites. By analyzing this data, users can: identify unwanted market activity such as sales of counterfeit, stolen or diverted products; see long term pricing trends and geographical availability; and make more informed pricing decisions.

–GenuNET Intellectual Property(TM): Clients can track unauthorized use of their trademarks within domains (including Top Level Domains and all country codes) and Intellectual Property violations or non-compliance issues, within web pages, across the World Wide Web. Data is categorized according to a pre-defined set of infringements, yielding high priority and actionable results that enable clients to manage the integrity of their brand across the Internet.

“The Internet is a perfect medium for unauthorized product sales and fraud. With its global reach and low cost of entry, the Internet provides counterfeiters and unauthorized distributors a platform to sell to millions of consumers across the world,” said GenuOne CEO, Jeffrey Unger. “Organizations need to understand how widespread their problem is and proactively protect their brands and products online. As the industry’s most mature and proven solution, GenuNET arms customers with the intelligence and resources they need to minimize sales of counterfeit goods, ensure channel compliance and control the use of their intellectual property. As the online auction and trade board industry matures, our users can expect that GenuNET will incorporate a greater number of those sites to its monitoring capabilities.”

“GenuNET is an essential tool for any organization looking to manage complex sales and distribution channels,” said Brett Millar, Manager, Anti-Counterfeit Programs, Cisco Systems. The ability to gather detailed and enforceable information is invaluable in helping us prevent the distribution of counterfeit and gray market products.”

About GenuOne

GenuOne provides brand protection management solutions that secure the products and supply chains of the world’s leading brands from counterfeiting, online piracy and gray market diversion. Its solution-driven approach combines web-based software, security tags and professional services into a global brand protection management system. GenuOne currently tracks hundreds of millions of unique products across four continents with a focus on major corporations in the footwear and apparel, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals and consumer electronics industries. GenuOne is the only company that protects a company’s assets across the global supply chain and on the Internet.

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