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GE Supra Announces New KeyAdvantage Electronic KeyBox System for Auto Dealerships; Quick, Easy and Secure Vehicle Access Enhances the Sales Process and Protects Dealer Assets

GE Supra Announces New KeyAdvantage Electronic KeyBox System for Auto Dealerships; Quick, Easy and Secure Vehicle Access Enhances the Sales Process and Protects Dealer Assets

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SALEM, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 3, 2003

GE Supra, a division of GE Interlogix, today announced KeyAdvantage(TM), an electronic KeyBox system designed to increase control over vehicle keys and boost sales for auto dealerships.

“KeyAdvantage increases dealership managers’ control over access to vehicles on their lots while increasing the opportunity for their sales team to make sales. With KeyAdvantage, salespeople can stay with their customers, rather than running around looking for keys or returning them to the main office. This alone can increase both sales staff productivity and customer service, leading to more auto sales,” said Greg Burge, President of GE Supra. “Dealers can increase employee accountability, identify who has an ignition key at any time and meet the security recommendations of the insurance industry.”

KeyAdvantage system components include an electronic KeyPad and KeyBox, and KeyAdvantage software, which runs on the Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional operating systems. To use KeyAdvantage, a salesperson enters his or her PIN number into the KeyPad, touches the KeyPad to a vehicle’s KeyBox (which is typically clamped to the driver-side window), opens the KeyBox and removes the vehicle’s ignition key. Before leaving the vehicle, the salesperson returns the key in the KeyBox and closes it. If the prospect wishes to test drive another vehicle, the salesperson simply repeats the procedure with the next vehicle. The KeyPad is carried throughout the sales shift and it automatically deactivates at the end of the shift.

With KeyAdvantage, managers can assign an electronic KeyPad to a specific salesperson for complete tracking and control access to each vehicle for that individual by time of day, department and number of accesses. Tracking reports can be automatically generated and emailed to management.

KeyPad Prevents Unauthorized Access to Cars

In a typical scenario, a salesperson checks out a KeyPad at the beginning of his or her shift and checks it back in at the end of the day. This eliminates walking back and forth from the office to the sales lot to exchange and return vehicle keys. If the specific KeyPad holder is authorized, the vehicle can be test-driven immediately.

KeyPads are PIN-code controlled and expire daily. Managers do not have to worry about lost or stolen KeyPads and they also have a complete log of which salesperson has accessed which vehicle and for how long. Information from the KeyPad is automatically downloaded to the computer each day upon check-in for managers to review. The KeyPad can also be used to read the KeyBox and instantly display who last took the vehicle key. Salespeople can access up to 500 vehicles before a download is required. The KeyPad retains its memory even if the batteries are removed.

Steel KeyBox Provides Total Control of Ignition Keys

To resist the effects of bad weather, the KeyBox is made of steel with a rubberized, “slam-shut” closure. The system offers total control of the KeyPads and improved control of ignition keys. When employees quit or are terminated, there is no need to re-key the KeyBox or the vehicles to which they had access.

The electronic KeyBox can be assigned to the entire dealership for greater flexibility or to a single department for increased control. For instance, the system can be programmed so that service personnel cannot access a vehicle on the sales lot during normal hours and salespeople can’t access them after hours.

Important Reports and Easy Administration

The KeyAdvantage system offers multiple reports. Managers can find out which vehicles are being shown and who is or isn’t showing vehicles. Other reports can show information on who has KeyPads, status of vehicle inventory, who is accessing vehicles for what purpose, who made changes to the KeyAdvantage database, and more. The KeyAdvantage system is simple to use. A computer administrator completes a user profile for each KeyPad holder and maintains the database. Vehicle information for each automobile is entered into the KeyAdvantage database and a KeyTag is assigned to each vehicle ignition key. KeyBoxes with ignition keys are then placed on each vehicle.

The intuitive system includes easy-to-follow documentation. Supra also offers in-depth support, web-based training, presentations over the Internet, 7 days a week phone support, and step-by-step instructions.

Supra is recognized as a leader in remote access and key control solutions.

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