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Gain an Insight into the World’s AC/DC Switching Power Supplies Industry

Gain an Insight into the World’s AC/DC Switching Power Supplies Industry

DUBLIN, Ireland — Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of AC/DC Switching Power Supplies – Global Strategic Business Report to their offering.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for AC/DC Switching Power Supplies (SPS) in Millions of US$. The specific product segments analyzed are Low Range, Mid Range, High Range, Very High Range, and Extremely High Range. The specific end-use segments discussed are Information Technology, Telecommunications, Business and Consumer, Industrial and Test Equipment, and Defense and Aerospace. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle East, and Latin America. Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2001 through 2010. A ten-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets with annual market analytics. The report profiles 238 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Amtex Electronics Pty. Ltd., Areva, Artesyn Technologies, Inc., Astrodyne, Benbro Electronics Pty. Ltd., Celetronix USA, Inc., Cherokee International LLC, Cosel Co Ltd., Cosel USA, Inc., Delta Electronics Public Co. Ltd., Delta Energy Systems, Delta Products Corp., Densei-Lambda KK, Efore Plc, Emerson Electric Co. Ltd., Astec Power, Lite-On Technology Corp., Lucent Technologies, Martek Power Abbott, Inc., On-Tek Electronic Co., Ltd., Potrans Electrical Corp. Ltd., Statronics Power Supplies, Transistor Devices, and Tyco Electronics Power Systems.

Topics Covered


1. Market Overview

2. Market Trends

3. Product Overview

4. Product Introductions/Innovations

5. Recent Industry Activity

6. Focus on Select Players

7. Global Market Perspective


1. North America

2. The United States

3. Canada

4. Japan

5. Europe

6. Asia-Pacific

7. The Middle East

8. Latin America


AAK Corporation (USA) – Absopulse Electronics Ltd (Canada) – ACDC Dynamics CC (South Africa) – ACME Electric (USA) – Acopian Technical Company (USA) – Acute Power, Inc (USA) – Advanced Energy Industries, Inc (USA) – AEC (UK) – AIAB DC Systems AB (Sweden) – AJ’s Power Source, Inc (USA) – Allis Electric Co, Ltd (Taiwan) – Alpha Scientific Electronics, Inc (USA) – Alstom (France) – American High Voltage (USA) – Amtex Electronics P/L (Australia) – Anoma Electric Company Ltd (Taiwan) – Areva Group (France) – Artesyn Technologies, Inc (USA) – Astrodyne (USA) – Ault, Inc (USA) – Automation Control System Co, Ltd (Thailand) – AWEH Kirchner Transformatoren- und Gerdtebau GmbH (Germany) – Axima, Spol Sro (Czech Republic) – Axiomatic Technologies Corporation (Canada) – B Electronic GmbH (Austria) – BAS Elektra Brno Spol SRO (Czech Republic) – Bassi Bruno Elettromeccanica & C, Snc (Italy) – Beam Tech Electronics Co, Ltd (Taiwan) – Behlman Electronics (USA) – Bei Ideacod Sas (France) – Benbro Electronics Pty, Ltd (Australia) – Bertan High Voltage Power Supplies (USA) – Bestec Power Electronics Co, Ltd (Taiwan) – Block Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH & Co, KG (Germany) – BluTek Power, Inc (USA) – Boser Technology Co, Ltd (Taiwan) – Broadband Telcom Power Corporation (USA) – C&D Technologies, Inc (USA) – CEAI Elettronica SpA (Italy) – Celetronix USA, Inc (USA) – Centralion Industrial, Inc (Taiwan) – Chaoyang Power Supply Co, Ltd (China) – Chauvin Arnoux Ltd (UK) – Cherokee International LLC (USA) – Chyng Hong Electronic Co, Ltd (Taiwan) – Cincon Electronics Company Ltd (Taiwan) – Cirtem (France) – Comdel Corporate (UK) – Comepi Srl (Italy) – Computer Power Supply, Inc (USA) – Condor DC Power Supplies, Inc (USA) – Convel, Srl (Italy) – Converter Concepts, Inc (USA) – Cosel Co, Ltd (Japan) – Cotek Electronic Ind Co, Ltd (Taiwan) – Cougar Electronics Corporation (USA) – CUI, Inc (USA) – D Green (Electronics) Ltd (UK) – Danam Communications, Inc (Korea) – Delta Electronics, Inc (USA) – Delta Energy Systems (Switzerland) – Delta Products Corporation (USA) – Deltron, Inc (USA) – Densei Lambda KK (Japan) – Douglas Electronic Industries Ltd (UK) – DP Controls Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) – Dynatronix, Inc (USA) – EA-Elektro Automatic GmbH (Germany) – Efore PLC (Finland) – ELCo Srl (Italy) – Elcon Srl (Italy) – ELDEC Ltd (UK) – Electro Industries, Inc (USA) – Elgar Electronics Corporation (USA) – Elgotec AG (Switzerland) – Elico Power Co Ltd, (South Korea) – Elpac Electronics, Inc (USA) – Eltek Energy Pte, Ltd (Singapore) – Eltra Elettromeccanica Srl (Italy) – Eltwin Industri Electronic A/S (Denmark) – Emerson Electric Company (USA) – Engineering Design & Sales (USA) – Enhance Electronics, Inc (USA) – Epsco, Inc (USA) – Etasis Inc (Taiwan) – Eta-Usa (USA) – Exeltech Inc (USA) – EZ Digital Co, Ltd (Korea) – FuG Elektronik GmbH (Germany) – Ferrus Power Limited (UK) – Five Star Associates, Inc (USA) – FM Elektronik Peter Feucht (Germany) – Fortron/Source Corporation (USA) – Fox Industries Limited (UK) – GMDE, SRL (Italy) – Glary Power Technology Co, Ltd (Taiwan) – Glassman High Voltage, Inc (USA) – Global Components Corporation (USA) – Globtek, Inc (USA) – GNDC Co, Ltd (Taiwan) – Guangzhou Com Telecommunication Equipment Co, Ltd (China) – Hanmac Corporation (Republic of South Korea) – Harmer + Simmons (UK) – HDL Research Lab, Inc (USA) – HDR Power Systems, Inc (USA) – Hendry Telephone Products (USA) – Highland Electronics Co, Ltd (Taiwan) – HiTek Power (USA) – HOEI Electronics (S) PTE, Ltd (Singapore) – Hon-Tay Electric Co, Ltd (Taiwan) – Hypotronics (UK) – Idec Corporation (USA) – Industrie-Vertretungen Reinhold Nesemann (Germany) – Ingenieurburo Dybus GmbH (Germany) – Ingenieurburo G Zimmermann (Germany) – International Power DC Power Supplies (USA) – Intersil Corporation (USA) – Iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH (Germany) – Jerome Industries Corporation (USA) – Jia-Kuan Ent Ltd, Co (Taiwan) – JiNan Credit Electronics Co, Ltd (China) – Kaiser Systems, Inc (USA) – Kepco, Inc (USA) – Key Source APS Ltd (UK) – Kinetics Industries, Inc (USA) – Kingshill Electronic Products Ltd (UK) – KMP Electronics (France) – Knurr AG (Germany) – Lambda Electronics, Inc (USA) – Laser Drive, Inc (USA) – Lead Year Enterprise Co, Ltd (Taiwan) – Leader Electronics, Inc (China) – Lien Engineering, Inc (USA) – LISA Laser Products OHG (Germany)

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