FindWhat.Com Promotes Bob Protheroe to Vice President Of Technology

FindWhat.Com Promotes Bob Protheroe to Vice President Of Technology

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FORT MYERS, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 30, 2003

FINDWHAT.COM (NASDAQ: FWHT), a leading developer and provider of performance-based marketing services for the Internet, today announced the promotion of Bob Protheroe to vice president of technology.

Mr. Protheroe, in his new capacity as vice president, will be responsible for leading’s technical operations, including production systems, management information systems, and software development. He has been affiliated with for over a year, initially in a consulting role.

“ is a leader in an incredibly dynamic industry,” stated Protheroe. “Technology is a core element to providing our advertising services, with new innovations constantly under development. As a result, I feel there is significant opportunity for our technology group to continue to enhance our product offerings and move our company forward.”

Mr. Protheroe has over 19 years of experience in product and technology strategies and development for companies ranging from start-ups to large, multi-national concerns. Within that time, he has held several senior product and technology management positions covering multi-site product teams. Mr. Protheroe also has a rich background in generating patents and supporting patent and product strategies–he currently holds over 20 United States patents. Product solutions that were delivered under his leadership include mission critical, commerce-related systems. Prior to, he was chief technology officer for Alluna Group, a Naples, FL-based consulting company, and senior vice president of research and development for SmartDisk, a digital content company, and was part of the executive management team that took SmartDisk through its initial public offering. His foundation in intellectual property strategies and product development methodologies was developed during an 11-year tenure at NCR. Mr. Protheroe earned his BSEE from Ohio State University and is a registered patent agent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

“Bob has an impressive technical management background that has helped on many levels already,” stated Tony Garcia, chief technology officer of “We are pleased to have him as part of the senior management team and are confident that his contributions as vice president of technology will keep on the leading edge of technological innovation in our sector.”

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