Expanded Creativity Options in Ulead COOL 3D 3.5; New Version of Popular 3D Tool Helps Designers Achieve Astounding Results

Expanded Creativity Options in Ulead COOL 3D 3.5; New Version of Popular 3D Tool Helps Designers Achieve Astounding Results

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TORRANCE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 5, 2001

Ulead Systems, Inc., a leading developer of image editing, video editing and Web graphics software, today introduced Ulead COOL 3D 3.5, a 3D text and animation tool that quickly creates bold, attention-getting still and animated titles for Web sites, video projects and presentations.

Several additions to the software program allow increased control of the design process and inspire creativity with new effects.

The Path Editor in Ulead COOL 3D 3.5 achieves a new level of flexibility by allowing the user to import Adobe Illustrator (.AI) files in addition to converting static raster images into scalable vector paths. The use of .AI files infinitely expands the amount of shapes a designer can use. Because Adobe Illustrator is capable of creating any shape imaginable, Ulead COOL 3D’s support of this file format allows for unlimited design potential.

Other new features in Ulead COOL 3D 3.5 include an instant wire frame display mode that doubles as a special effect. Using the wire frame mode with a project in progress is often helpful when viewing or animating large objects. Additionally, using wire frame objects in a 3D composition can produce remarkable special effects. Version 3.5 also contains several new geometric shapes such as an improved cone shape that can be defined by radius and height, frustum (truncated pyramid), torus (doughnut shape with precise radius control) and metaball which is a transformable shape created by fusing an infinite number of spheres together.

“The creative uses of Ulead COOL 3D are endless,” said Travis White, product marketing manager at Ulead Systems, Inc. “Version 3.5 is a tool designers need to create advanced, professional video or animation compositions with drag-and-drop ease that are sure to impress audiences.”

Ulead also added several new plug-in effects to Ulead COOL 3D 3.5. A new Lightning plug-in allows for precise control of lightning and other electrical pulse effects with customization for opacity, color, glow weight, dimensions, and angle. COOL 3D also includes a Texture Emboss effect to give texturized surfaces a more realistic look; plus, Wave Animation applies a wave motion to text with controls for the type, scale and position of the waves.

Finally, Ulead COOL 3D 3.5 offers a new EnVector module to create 3D vector-based Macromedia Flash files. Vector-based Flash offers smaller sizes and better scalability than raster-based Flash. Vector designs use geometric formulas to represent images as opposed to raster-based objects that are composed of a pattern of pixels. Vector-oriented images are also more flexible than raster because they can be resized and stretched without loss of image quality.

Ulead COOL 3D’s EnVector module is a separate interface that retains the same look and feel of COOL 3D but eliminates editing and special effects options that can not be exported into vector-based Flash file. This ensures that designers create a project that will look and operate exactly as created when saved as a vector Flash file.

Pricing and Availability

Ulead COOL 3D 3.5 is available in retail and online stores for an estimated street price of $49.95 or $44.95 for a downloaded version at www.ulead.com. Previous owners of Ulead COOL 3D may upgrade to Version 3.5 for $29.95.

About Ulead Systems

Ulead Systems, Inc. develops innovative video, imaging and Web graphics applications to help users communicate their ideas effectively and creatively to audiences around the world. The company’s award-winning desktop products include Ulead(R) PhotoImpact(R), Ulead(R) VideoStudio(R), Ulead(R) MediaStudio(R) Pro, Ulead(R) Photo Express(TM), Ulead(R) COOL 3D(TM), Ulead(R) GIF Animator(TM), Ulead(R) Photo Explorer(TM), Ulead(R) GIF-X.Plugin(TM), and Ulead(R) COOL 360(TM). Ulead’s iMira Server Tools deliver server-based imaging and Web solutions. For more information on the company, its products and services, visit Ulead’s Web site at http://www.ulead.com or call 800/85-ULEAD (800/858-5323).

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