Enlight Launches Next Generation Solution for Knowledge Assurance in IT Projects; Assuring End-User Knowledge for Successful Implementations

Enlight Launches Next Generation Solution for Knowledge Assurance in IT Projects; Assuring End-User Knowledge for Successful Implementations

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Enlight – the leader in Global Solutions for Knowledge Assurance – today announced the release of the next generation of Enlight’s solutions for IT application rollouts. Building on the experience of 300 existing corporate clients across the world, the new Enlight Knowledge Assurance Suite further reduces the risk and increases the speed of implementing critical IT applications. By raising the standard of enterprise-wide Knowledge Assurance in critical IT projects, Enlight allows corporations to effectively leverage the value and competitiveness from their IT system investments.

Enlight today launches the next generation of the IT Rollout solution. This new release enables corporations to even more rapidly implement process changes and enterprise applications. The IT Rollout solution allows for faster knowledge adoption, improved ways of communicating and controlling change while also introducing more flexible and cost efficient knowledge delivery. Enlight’s IT Rollout solution provides an overall increased control of the entire enterprise-wide rollout while optimising the resources and time invested.

Enlight’s IT Rollout solution is used by more than 300 multinational corporate customers for planning, deployment and support of complex IT systems. It helps to assure and support employees in reaching the knowledge objectives that are critical to their overall business performance.

Major corporations such as AT&T, AXA, BAE Systems, Cable & Wireless, Cox Communications, Diageo, HSBC, Homebase, Lloyds TSB, Prudential, RAC, Shell, Standard Chartered Bank and T-Mobile use Enlight’s IT Rollout solution for preparing, deploying and supporting complex IT system.

“Our current clients have already left the era of consistently delayed and costly enterprise training projects and can now focus on continuous business performance improvements”, says 0yvind Lundgreen, CEO of Enlight. “A host of new clients will now be able to capture the benefits of effective Knowledge Assurance.”

More effective deployment of critical IT application rollouts

The new generation of the Enlight IT Rollout solution includes numerous enhancements to several of the modules included in the Enlight Knowledge Assurance Suite. The result is enhanced support for critical aspects of IT application projects:

–Reduced risk of failure in IT application rollout by assuring end user knowledge.

–Increased control of the rollout process through global real time tracking of progress.

–Maximized value of new IT applications by ensuring that end users know how to use them correctly.

–Faster delivery of constantly updated training content.

–Minimized disruption of work caused by training projects.

–Reduced time and cost of developing training by effective authoring and reuse of content.

Enhanced support for all participants in application rollout projects

–The Project Manager controls the way the project team rapidly defines blueprints for the business and system processes. These blueprints become the foundation for best practices that will be shared as key knowledge before, during and after the implementation. Project stakeholders are now involved more efficiently in contributing to creating system and process blueprints.

–The Training Manager will automatically have all experience and knowledge collected in the training content from previous implementation phases available at his fingertips. This allows managers to easily manage and control training rollouts to all locations without increased demands for trainer resources. The real-time tracking of end user learning performance will proactively identify knowledge gaps before they impact the business performance and will provide a strong intelligence for ensuring the success of the overall implementation.

–The Help Desk Manager has all experience and knowledge from the previous implementation phases available. This will allow the Help Desk to proactively provide and deliver powerful support in the right dose at the right time. This can be achieved without need for increases in staff resources and will ensure no disruption to service levels or overall business performance.

–The Training & Support Content Author will automatically have a defined training map and all key learning elements available from experience and knowledge collected in the previous implementation phases. This allows authors to be much more productive when creating highly efficient interactive learning and support formats.

Enhanced functionality across the Enlight Knowledge Assurance Suite

The new generation of Enlight x.hlp Designer, part of the Enlight Knowledge Assurance Suite and one of the flagship modules, provides numerous new capabilities leading to outstanding results and benefits for Enlight customers:

–Improved training formats for more effective knowledge adoption, retention and support. Improved instructional design capabilities for increased educational impact, and more training and support formats for better knowledge adoption.

–Possibility to cascade training content through the lifecycle of an implementation instead of recreating it at each major step. Improved reusability of training content by leveraging experiences and knowledge collected in previous phases of the implementation.

–Improved integration to Learning Management Systems, including improved LMS reporting capabilities and easier identification of knowledge/skills gaps.

–Enhanced authoring capabilities through improved automated capture and easier authoring of complex learning objects. Reduced content creation time with automated integration of company specific terminology during creation, through the new Glossary Creator module.

Complete solution – for knowledge about basic IT, application, and business process.

The Enlight solutions for IT application rollout support assuring the critical knowledge for successful deployment of critical IT applications. This includes effective assurance of the basic IT skills needed by all users, the application specific skills needed to use a new system, and the business process knowledge required to ensure that employees understand the real-life business processes the new system shall support.

“With our next generation, we have enhanced the productivity and expanded the capabilities of our solutions in significant ways”, says Enlight worldwide CEO 0yvind Lundgreen. “We have focused on supporting the full life cycle of adopting mission critical business applications in today’s enterprises.”

About Enlight

Enlight is the leader in global solutions for Knowledge Assurance. The solutions enable clients to assure that their employees, partners and customers have the knowledge they need to reach key objectives. Enlight serves all levels of the public sector and has more than 350 multinational corporate customers. Further, thousands of schools, educational institutions and test centres have delivered over 8 million tests online using Enlight. The solutions are used in over 70 countries on all continents. The company was founded in 1993, and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Enlight has offices in the US, UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

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