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EMC and Informix Unveil Terabyte-Sized Disaster-Tolerant Database for Open Systems Environments; Industry Leaders Demonstrate 64-bit Technologies and Remote Mirroring of Data for Growing Market for Standard Business Continuance Solutions

EMC and Informix Unveil Terabyte-Sized Disaster-Tolerant Database for Open Systems Environments; Industry Leaders Demonstrate 64-bit Technologies and Remote Mirroring of Data for Growing Market for Standard Business Continuance Solutions

HOPKINTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– May 28, 1996–EMC Corporation and Informix Software, Inc., two industry leaders in deploying open systems for business-critical applications, today announced they have completed a joint technical project and product qualification exercise demonstrating the viability of each company’s technologies in a disaster-tolerant, large-scale OLTP (online transaction processing) environment.

The companies simulated an environment in which a very large database can survive disasters that result in the loss of a computer and its data, by establishing two physically separated database storage locations. The simulation included the failover of a 1.1 terabyte (1,100 gigabytes) OLTP database running INFORMIX.-OnLine Dynamic Server(TM) 7.20 on two fully configured Digital Equipment Corp. AlphaServer 8400 enterprise SMP systems, each with two EMC Symmetrix 3500 Integrated Cached Disk Array (ICDA) storage systems remotely mirrored through EMC’s Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF).

After disabling the primary site with approximately 58,000 transactions in process, the secondary system containing the remotely mirrored data and its own processing power, was brought online within eight minutes. Under traditional procedures designed to recover from these types of failures, it would take hours and possibly days for such a large number of transactions in a very large database to be brought back online at an alternate remote site.

The purpose of the test was to validate the fast recovery and support of INFORMIX-Online Dynamic Server 7.20 64-bit database to over the one-terabyte level (single image), and to demonstrate the ability of EMC’s Symmetrix Remote Data Facility to provide high-availability, remotely mirrored storage in a complete 64-bit computing environment using a very large memory configuration.

The EMC/Informix solution is aimed at solving problems faced by a growing number of companies moving to open systems hardware and software and requiring a business continuance computing environment — meaning assurances that the system will continue to function under any circumstances — without compromising information or performance.

Chris Christiansen, analyst and Director of Asset Management at market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), viewed the test and said, “This test introduces a new way of protecting information and ensuring the continuance of normal business operations, something not always associated with open systems implementations. These companies have clearly demonstrated the practicality of deploying standard, 64-bit open systems technologies with a robust storage system to minimize disruptive events and control their costly aftermath.”

David Donatelli, EMC’s Vice President of Enterprise Alliances, said, “The performance and reliability that EMC and Informix deliver previously only existed in the mainframe world. Until now, open systems disaster recovery has been a matter of trying to minimize the loss of information. With Symmetrix Remote Data Facility, it is a matter of maximizing the value of that information.”

Jeff Hudson, Vice President of Business Development and Product Marketing at Informix, said, “High availability and disaster recovery are essential requirements for many mission-critical computing environments. This test demonstrates that open systems products from Informix and EMC provide customers with the scalability and fault tolerance required for very large mission-critical database environments. Together with open-systems UNIX vendors such as Digital, we can deliver VLDB solutions at a fraction of the cost of proprietary fault tolerant systems.”

Solution Available Today

Online Dynamic Server 7.20 is available with support for Digital, HP, IBM, Sun and SNI UNIX operating environments together with leading applications from Baan and SAP. In March 1996, Informix released industry-leading TPC-C benchmark results of 13,646 tpmC on a Digital Alpha 8400/350 using OnLine Dynamic Server 7.20.

EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) for open systems environments was introduced in November 1995. EMC’s Symmetrix 3000 ICDA storage systems are operating-system-independent, allowing users to easily share, manage and reallocate storage capacity among leading UNIX-based servers and other popular open systems platforms.

About EMC

EMC Corporation, based in Hopkinton, Mass., is the world’s leading independent supplier of enterprise-wide intelligent information storage and retrieval technology, designing systems for mainframe, open systems and midrange environments. The company has offices worldwide, trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol EMC and is a member of the S&P 500 Index. For further information about EMC products and services, EMC’s home page can be accessed at

About Informix

Informix Software, based in Menlo Park, Calif., provides innovative database technology that enables the world’s leading corporations to manage and grow their business. Informix is widely recognized as the technology leader for corporate computing environments ranging from workgroups to very large OLTP and data warehouse applications. Informix’s database servers, applications development tools, superior customer service, and strong partnerships enable the company to be at the forefront of many leading-edge information technology solution areas.

With the acquisition of Illustra Information Technology’s completely extensible database technology, Informix is now positioned as the first information management company capable of meeting the market’s exploding need for a sophisticated database engine that combines enterprise scalability, robustness and parallel processing with the ability to store, retrieve, manage and manipulate virtually any kind of rich content data. More information about Informix is available via the World Wide Web at and -0-

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