Emblaze Semiconductor and Fathammer to Bring Advanced Mobile Games to Handsets

Emblaze Semiconductor and Fathammer to Bring Advanced Mobile Games to Handsets

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RA’ANANA, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 23, 2004

Fathammer and Emblaze Semiconductor Sign Co-Operation Agreement to

Bring the X-Forge(R) 3D Game Technology and X-Forge Powered Games on

to the ER4525 Multimedia Application Processor

Emblaze Semiconductor, an Emblaze Group company (LSE:BLZ) and leading provider of mobile multimedia and application ICs, and Fathammer, the leading provider of advanced, console-quality 3D games and game technology for next generation mobile devices, announced today that they have agreed to bring the X-Forge(R) 3D game technology and a broad portfolio of X-Forge powered games on to Emblaze Semiconductor’s ER4525 multimedia chip.

The porting of X-Forge to the ER4525 platform enriches Emblaze’s multimedia offering and brings high-end 3D games to mobile devices with minimal effort for developers.

“We are excited to work with Fathammer to integrate 3D gaming abilities onto our multimedia processors as Fathammer is by far the top company in the 3D mobile games field,” said Uzi Breier, CEO, Emblaze Semiconductor. “With this complete solution, our customers can easily offer 3D game-equipped mobile phones for the best mobile gaming experience available today.”

“3D mobile gaming is one of the most attractive applications in the mobile market today,” said Matti Airas, CEO, Fathammer. “Our collaboration with Emblaze Semiconductor ensures that device manufacturers can deliver the richest possible 3D gaming experience that consumers demand.”

The Emblaze Semiconductor ER4525 is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that reduces the overall system cost and accelerates time to market for phone manufacturers, while providing high quality picture and sound, including full motion video.

Fathammer’s X-Forge is a comprehensive set of technologies and tools, which enables the creation and deployment of advanced console quality 3D games on all major mobile platforms. X-Forge ensures high quality gaming and audio/visual experience with up to 50% less development time and effort thus substantially reducing the development budget and developer/publisher risk.

About Emblaze Semiconductor

Emblaze Semiconductor is a fabless IC company, providing semiconductor-based solutions for high volume mobile multimedia appliances in the telecommunication, consumer and security markets. The company’s products have been implemented in a wide range of custom-designed industry leading handsets and wireless video cameras.

Emblaze Semiconductor empowers customers to turn multimedia capabilities into high volume mobile and wireless information devices such as cellular phones, personal digital assistants, digital cameras and toys. By combining many years of expertise in digital audio and video with an in-depth understanding of the requirements of mobile embedded systems, the company offers true solutions that bring real value to their customers.

For more information, please visit www.emblazesemiconductor.com.

About The Emblaze Group (Emblaze Ltd.)

Emblaze Ltd consists of four companies sharing a common vision to lead the market transformation to rich media personal communication: Emblaze Systems, a leading provider of media centric end-to-end solutions for wireless multimedia; Emblaze Mobile a wireless rich media smart phone design house; Orca Interactive, a global market leader in the development of highly scalable solutions for commercial iTV services; and Emblaze Semiconductor, a fabless IC company specializing in highly integrated digital multimedia chips for telecommunication, consumer and security markets.

Emblaze Ltd has offices in the USA, UK, China, Israel and Singapore. For more information please visit www.emblaze.com.

About Fathammer

Fathammer is the leading provider of advanced 3D mobile games and game technologies for mobile platforms. Fathammer provides its industry leading X-Forge 3D Game Development Kit and Developer Program Services to game publishers and developers as well as mobile device manufacturers and wireless operators. X-Forge Powered games bring console quality 3D gaming to a wide range of mobile devices.

Fathammer has offices in San Jose (CA), Helsinki (Finland) and Seoul (Korea). The company is privately owned and currently employs 40 people.

More information can be found at www.fathammer.com.

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