Emap Selects Openpages’ ContentWare to Manage Content, Extend, Build Web Presence for UK Magazines

Emap Selects Openpages’ ContentWare to Manage Content, Extend, Build Web Presence for UK Magazines

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WESTFORD, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 20, 2000

Openpages Content Management Software Chosen for End-to-End Content Creation, Deployment and Management for Leading Print and Web


Openpages, Inc., a leading provider of content management software solutions for e-business, today announced that Emap PLC, a leading international media group, has chosen Openpages’ ContentWare(TM) product suite. In the first phase of the agreement with Openpages, Emap will use ContentWare to manage hardcopy content and build a Web presence for several of its publications, allowing end-to-end creation and management for all types of content across print and Web deployments.

ContentWare is Openpages’ award-winning product suite designed to help B2B, B2B exchanges, e-retail/catalog and Web publishing organizations to more effectively create, manage and deploy timely, accurate and compelling content to any channel including Web, print or wireless media. ContentWare provides the highest level of integration with popular desktop design applications enabling organizations to manage content developed by thousands of writers and designers ensuring that content is distributed in an accurate and timely manner. Emap is currently in the initial phase of an installation of ContentWare to manage content for the MEED (Middle Eastern Economic Digest) and Web-based publications, MEED.com, MCN.com, FHM.com, Slam.com and additional Internet properties throughout 2001.

“Emap offers information, communication and commerce services across the range of media platforms. The ability to re-purpose information and easily update or syndicate that same information is crucial to our entire organization,” said Steve Conaway, chief technical officer (CTO) of Emap digital. “The need for content management software was obvious to us, and Openpages offered us a powerful solution that could integrate with the entire array of media platforms used by Emap. We choose this system because we believe it is best suited to scale to meet our needs for each of our sites and publications.”

“As media organizations grow and converge they encompass a wide range of content. The need then arises to find a complete solution to automate the production process of their content across their entire enterprise,” said Openpages’ President and CEO Warren Huff. “Because ContentWare is the only end-to-end solution that can manage content from creation to deployment in any medium, Openpages is well-positioned to help Emap manage content online and beyond.”

In addition to its broad media services, Emap Online Ltd. is one of the biggest online retailers in Britain, with a substantial and fast-growing rate in the sale of travel services and tickets for theatre, popular music and summer festival events. The company’s portfolio of e-commerce enabled, content-rich Web sites and digital interactive television services is one of the most extensive in the UK.

Emap began as a local newspaper in 1947. Today, more than 50 years later, Emap is a media company that focuses on delivering information, entertainment, targeted communication and e-commerce vehicles in a number of high value markets. Emap has developed expertise and market leading positions in magazines, exhibitions, radio, specialist TV and interactive media. Emap Online also produces a major portion of the UK home page for Travelocity, the world’s biggest online travel booking service.

About Emap PLC

Emap Online is part of Emap PLC (http://www.Emap.com/plc/), a leading media group with over 600 magazines and more than 6,000 employees in the UK, France, the United States and Australia. With annual revenues of approximately (pound)1.1bn (US $1.7bn) and a market capitalization of over (pound)2.6 Billion (US $4 Billion), Emap PLC is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol EMA.

About Openpages ContentWare

Openpages ContentWare is a multi-tier Next Generation Internet content management solution to meet the demands of enterprise content production. It offers a suite of products for creating, managing, and deploying content to Web sites, wireless devices and print publications. The ContentWare Suite allows organizations to reduce costs and improve control of content on their Web sites via a central repository for content components; integration with leading desktop applications; and a powerful workflow.

About Openpages

Openpages, Inc. is a leading supplier of end-to-end Internet content management solutions. The company’s award-winning software suite, Openpages ContentWare(TM), allows businesses to adopt the most cost-effective, automated and open content management system for B2B, B2C and e-media. The product’s open architecture enables integration with leading Web application servers and e-commerce platforms. The company has a growing list of Fortune 1000 customers who rely upon Openpages’ products and support for every phase of the Web asset management process–from content creation through approval, design, editing, deployment, syndication and archiving.

Openpages, Inc. is a privately held company supported by investors from the industry’s leading high technology venture capital firms including Goldman Sachs, Matrix Partners, Sigma Partners and North Hill Ventures. Openpages, Inc. is a global company headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts with offices throughout North America, as well as Europe. For information on the company and products, visit the company Web site at www.openpages.com.

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