Echelon’s New Smart Transceivers Raise Benchmark For High Performance, Affordable Device Networking Solutions

Echelon’s New Smart Transceivers Raise Benchmark For High Performance, Affordable Device Networking Solutions

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ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 18, 2000

New Chips Integrate Neuron(R) Core and Free Topology Twisted

Pair Transceiver, Meet ANSI 709.1-1999 and 709.3-1999 Standards

At today’s LonWorld2000(TM) Conference and Exhibition, Echelon Corporation (Nasdaq:ELON) announced the release of the FT 3120(TM) and FT 3150(TM) Smart Transceivers. By integrating a Neuron(R) Chip core with an Echelon Free Topology Transceiver, the FT 3120 and FT 3150 allow original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to easily and inexpensively add Echelon’s LonWorks(R) control networking solution to everyday devices. Intended for use in new product designs, and pin-compatible with existing Neuron Chip designs, the low-cost FT 3120 and FT 3150 combine the processing power of a Neuron Chip with the installation cost savings of a free topology transceiver.

“By integrating a Neuron core and an enhanced, high performance, free topology transceiver into the FT 3120 and FT 3150 Smart Transceivers, costs go down and performance goes up for LonWorks devices,” said Mathew Chacko, Echelon product marketing manager. “The integrated transceiver and accompanying transformer allow properly designed devices to meet the rigorous Level 3 requirements of European electronic equipment specification EN 61000-4-6, while offering outstanding immunity from the magnetic noise that is present in harsh industrial environments. The performance and price of the FT 3120 and FT 3150 leave other twisted pair solutions like RS-422 and RS-485 in the dust – they’re simply not competitive.”

“Echelon has already established the LonWorks platform as a leading standard and open solution for networking everyday devices in building, industrial, home, utility, and transportation applications,” said Paul Zorfass, senior analyst with IDC/FTI. “By driving down cost and footprint while increasing performance and reliability, Echelon has increased their responsiveness to critical market requirements. These new products have the potential to increase the penetration of LonWorks networks into very cost-sensitive applications such as automobile controls, smoke detectors, and security sensors.”

Both the FT 3120 and FT 3150 are manufactured for Echelon by Cypress Semiconductor. The FT 3120 combines a Neuron core, 4K bytes of Flash for application code, 2K bytes of RAM and 12K bytes of ROM, and an enhanced free topology transceiver. Ideal for use in sensors, actuators, switches, lamps, and motors, the FT 3120 operates at up to 40MHz and is offered in both a 32- lead SOIC package and a compact 44-lead TQFP package. The FT 3120 can be programmed by an extensive range of off-the-shelf universal device programmers from major vendors.

The FT 3150 combines a Neuron core, an external memory bus that addresses up to 58K bytes of external memory, and an enhanced free topology transceiver. Ideal for use in devices with larger application programs or more input/output (I/O), the FT 3150 operates at up to 20MHz and is offered in a 64-lead TQFP package.

Samples of the FT 3120 and FT 3150 will be available in January 2001, with volume production scheduled for April 2001. In high volumes in North America, the FT 3120 will be priced at less than $7.00 and the FT 3150 at less than $7.50. For more information, please contact Mathew Chacko at 408/938-5251.

About Echelon Corporation

Echelon Corporation is the world leader in networking everyday devices. The company offers a comprehensive line of hardware and software products for automating building, home, industrial, transportation, and utility applications using LonWorks networks, an international, cross-industry, open standard for interoperable device networks. Echelon is Bringing the Internet to Life(TM) by linking the millions of everyday devices connected with LonWorks networks to the Internet.

Echelon is based in Sunnyvale, California with international offices in China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Further information can be found at Echelon’s LonWorld2000 Conference and Exhibition is designed to help end-users, integrators, service providers, and manufacturers learn how to use the LonWorks system in their business. The conference is taking place through October 19th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida and features a series of forums, classes and presentations along with an exhibition of products and services covering the home/utility, building, industrial, and transportation markets. Information about LonWorld2000 can be found at

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