DPT ships PCI to Wide SCSI-2 Disk Array Controller; unique architecture supports up to three wide channels

DPT ships PCI to Wide SCSI-2 Disk Array Controller; unique architecture supports up to three wide channels

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 24, 1995–Distributed Processing Technology (DPT), a leading supplier of high performance SCSI and RAID solutions, Monday announced general availability of its new PM3224W PCI to Wide SCSI-2 disk array controller beginning in early May.

The new multi-channel upgradable disk array controller supports up to three Wide SCSI-2 channels and is PCI 2.1 compliant. You are invited to see a demonstration of DPT’s new SmartRAID disk array controller during COMDEX/Spring ’95 in DPT’s booth No. 5854 in Atlanta.

The PM3224W is the newest member of DPT’s SmartRAID family of RAID-Ready disk array solutions. This Wide 16-bit version doubles the bandwidth of the 8-bit PM3224 and provides throughput of up to 200Mbytes/second, compared with 10Mbytes/second with standard 8-bit SCSI. The PM3224W fully meets the SCSI-3 parallel interface specification for 16-bit data transfers and is fully SCSI-2 command set compatible.

The PM3224W features a 32-bit 68030/40MHz processor dedicated to executing all of the array, ECC and bus mastering functions. Support for hardware-based RAID levels 0, 1 and 5, including “dual-level” RAID, allows virtually unlimited numbers of disks to be logically combined into one or more array groups.

For Wide SCSI expansion, DPT also offers the SX4000 Wide SCSI expansion modules. The SX4000/1W and SX4000/2W allows the user to upgrade their single channel, base SmartRAID controller to two or three additional wide channels, respectively. With these modules, up to 15 additional SCSI devices can be supported per channel and both 8- and 16-bit devices can be attached to a single bus.

“Wide SCSI provides the extra bandwidth that some disk array applications absolutely require,” said Jim Campbell, DPT’s vice president of marketing. “The PM3224 can support up to three 20Mbytes/second channels and up to 45 SCSI devices for outstanding performance and scalability.”

As part of the SmartRAID family, the PM3224W shares all of the common features of a SmartRAID controller. These include complete driver compatability with existing DPT drivers in all major operating systems, up to 64MBs of hardware caching support using standard SIMMs or DPT’s ECC-protected SIMMs and complete support of 8-bit non-disk devices. On-board circuitry passes vital information such as disk, power, temperature and voltage conditions to DPT’s Storage Manager software for event logging and notification.

Each SmartRAID controller includes DPT’s Storage Manager software. It features a Windows-like graphical user interface and can run remotely on a DOS, OS/2, Windows or UNIX workstation. Storage Manager simplifies RAID setup and its enhanced analysis capabilities monitor and record the operating condition of multiple array subsystems on multiple servers from a single remote network connection. Other features include diagnostic utilities, advanced I/O load monitoring and event broadcasting and notification.

DPT is a leading supplier of high performance peripheral controllers, disk array products and storage management software for microcomputers. Its technology includes the first caching disk controller and disk mirroring controller for the PC. DPT products are sold worldwide through a network of major distributors and OEMs. The privately held company, founded in 1977, is based near Orlando, Fla., with European sales offices located in Milton Keynes, England, and Munich Germany.

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