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DigMedia’s dBoxer Toolkit Adopts IBM Digital Rights Management System; DigMedia’s Digital Rights Management Package Provides “Agnostic” Support

DigMedia’s dBoxer Toolkit Adopts IBM Digital Rights Management System; DigMedia’s Digital Rights Management Package Provides “Agnostic” Support

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DigMedia Inc., a Vertical Service Provider (VSP) to media companies and content providers, today announced that its Digital Rights Management (DRM) toolkit, dBoxer, supports IBM’s Electronic Media Management System (EMMS).

With dBoxer’s recent certification by InterTrust and today’s announcement of IBM EMMS support, DigMedia further reinforces its agnostic support of today’s leading rights management systems for the secure distribution of digital media.

“We are excited to include IBM’s EMMS into our dBoxer DRM toolkit,” said Pedro Vargas, CTO for DigMedia. “By supporting a wide variety of DRM solutions, our comprehensive, digital rights management system can reach and service a larger audience of content owners and consumers.”

Designed on an open architecture, the EMMS software tools manage the preparation, distribution and playback of digital media and can work together or licensed separately. EMMS incorporates IBM’s e-Business expertise and more than 30 years of experience protecting commercial transactions.

“IBM designed EMMS to be flexible and inclusive of all segments of the music industry that want to leverage e-Business and participate in digital music distribution,” said Scott Burnett, Business Development executive, IBM Global Media & Entertainment. “This license agreement is another key step in proving viable delivery methods exist that protect the intellectual property of artists and distributors.”

With flexible licensing capabilities and management systems, content owners can explore new innovative business models and gain wider distribution of content. DigMedia’s highly scalable platform allows dBoxer to work in conjunction with other DigMedia content management tools such as dSiteBuilder, dSCenario and dLocker.

The DigMedia technology platform also seamlessly integrates with e-Business applications as well as various compression formats and media players.

About DigMedia Inc.

DigMedia Inc. is an end-to-end, digital media distribution company and manufacturer of Internet audio appliances providing secure streaming media, hosting and e-Business services to record labels and other music content providers.

DigMedia’s dBoxer is the first InterTrust MetaTrust-certified DRM packager. Strategic allies include Intel (Web hosting), Microsoft and InterTrust (Digital Rights Management). DigMedia Inc. is based in San Diego, with offices in Edinburgh, Scotland. For more information about DigMedia Inc., visit the company’s Web site at

About EMMS

EMMS is a comprehensive electronic media distribution and digital rights management system designed to support a broad range of media types, including music and audio content. EMMS provides the foundation for new business models created by the digital delivery of assets and offers a rich set of security features designed to protect the intellectual property rights of content owners throughout the delivery process.

EMMS has an open architecture to allow technology advances in audio compression, encryption, formatting, watermarking and end-user devices as well as in applications to be integrated. EMMS is part of IBM’s broad-based digital media management portfolio that offers comprehensive, enterprise-wide solutions for creating, managing, storing and distributing digital assets.

Additional information on EMMS can be found at

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