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Determine What is New in Breast Cancer Therapeutics with this Review of Clinical Developments in Current Pharmaceutical Pipelines

Determine What is New in Breast Cancer Therapeutics with this Review of Clinical Developments in Current Pharmaceutical Pipelines

DUBLIN, Ireland — Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of “Drug Targets for Breast Cancer” to their offering.

Breast Cancer treatment is undergoing major transition. New targeted therapies are emerging that target cancer cells and spare healthy cells, resulting in reduced side effects. These developments have arisen following at least two decades of research into the molecular mechanisms that underlie cancer phenotypes.

This Drug Targets for Breast Cancer Report seeks to explore and systematically analyze both drug targets and associated therapeutics in current clinical development relating to breast cancer. Four major classes of breast cancer therapeutics are a particular focus – endocrine therapy, ‘innovative’ therapy, immunotherapy and chemotherapy. Several of the mainstream technologies utilized in breast cancer drug discovery are explored. Additionally, the therapeutic and market potential of each therapy type is investigated. This Report includes an up to date review of pipeline and market developments in the breast cancer therapeutics field.

Questions Answered:

–Who is currently developing breast cancer therapeutics?

–What are the key drug targets that underlie such developments and which have the most therapeutic and commercial potential?

–How is breast cancer treatment changing?

–What are the relative merits of approved breast cancer therapeutics?

–What are the competitive advantages of new-generation breast cancer drugs?

–Where are the main challenges in breast cancer drug development?

–Are there any breast cancer patient sub-groups presently underserved by current and emerging therapies?

–Where are the opportunities relating to breast cancer drug development?

–What are the future prospects for breast cancer therapeutics?

Key Reasons to Purchase:

–Determine what is new in breast cancer therapeutics by review of clinical developments in current pharmaceutical pipelines.

–Assess the therapeutic potential of breast cancer therapeutics by understanding the underlying drug targets and technology that that have facilitated drug development

–Assess the market potential of breast cancer therapeutics from maps of the current market landscape, an evaluation of the success of approved breast cancer therapeutics, and consideration of relevant future market projections.

–Get an up-to-date perspective on breast cancer drug development with a systematic review of each breast cancer therapy type

–Identify the key technological platforms currently utilized in breast cancer drug discovery.

–Look inside 15 companies involved in breast cancer drug discovery, including their product pipelines, financial standing, partnerships & alliances, and more

–Obtain a current industry snapshot of breast cancer drug discovery from a short survey conducted in parallel with the writing of this report.

–Gain insight into current challenges in breast cancer drug discovery through in-depth interviews with four industry experts.

Market Opportunities

There are approximately 50 breast cancer drugs in current development. Each of the four drug therapy categories identified in this report are witnessing significant developments. Market opportunities in this space include:

–Invest in basic research to establish a sound knowledge base on emerging breast cancer drug targets and their associated biology

–Develop model systems for clinical investigation of breast cancer to broaden applicability of breast cancer therapeutics and simplify clinical development.

–Develop technology platforms for development of targeted therapies with reduced side effects.

–Develop diagnostic tests for use with new therapies so that treatment regimes can be tailored for a specific patient.

–Investigate the possibility of cross-indications of breast cancer therapeutics to increase therapeutic value.

–Focus on breast cancer patient sub-groups that represent highest areas of unmet medical needs

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–Therion Biologics


–American Pharmaceutical Partners


–Bristol Myers Squibb


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