DCIA Members Introduce P2P Innovations at Media Summit New York

DCIA Members Introduce P2P Innovations at Media Summit New York

NEW YORK — Clickshare and Digital Containers Offer Secure Payments, INTENT MediaWorks Premieres iPeer, Javien Launches Micropayment Aggregation Engine, and P2P Cash Integrates P2P with Cell Phones

Members of the Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA) tonight announced a new secure payment solution, piracy-proof peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing software, advanced micropayment aggregation engine, and technology for integrating cell phone and P2P payments.

The announcements were made at a special evening session of Media Summit New York, a two-day conference for senior executives of the entertainment and technology sectors presented by Digital Hollywood.

“We are thrilled with the work that Clickshare, Digital Containers, INTENT MediaWorks, Javien, and P2P Cash have completed and demonstrated tonight,” said DCIA CEO Marty Lafferty. “The innovations made by these outstanding technology firms address principal concerns that major entertainment rights aggregators have had with the P2P distribution channel.”

Clickshare, the leading provider of advanced user management and payment services for digital content providers, and Digital Containers, the leading source for secure content distribution and integrated e-commerce for distributed networks, announced their collaboration to provide a secure payment solution for digital content in distributed computing environments.

The advantages of the Clickshare-Digital Containers partnership include ensuring that content owners receive royalty payments for copyrighted or licensed materials, simplifying users’ purchasing process, and easing registration concerns.

The Clickshare-Digital Containers payment processing solution automatically handles the settlement of accounts and movement of payments so that publishers, artists, or other owners of digital content are properly compensated no matter how users gain access to the content — whether acquired from a Web site store, e-mailed from a friend, or downloaded using P2P software.

INTENT MediaWorks released the first P2P software that blocks and filters unauthorized copyrighted works and sexually explicit material from being redistributed. The software, called iPeer, is a P2P file-sharing software application that operates on public P2P platforms, such as Gnutella, and allows only authorized content to be traded among P2P users.

“Everyone in the industry has been waiting for a solution to the problem of copyright infringement. INTENT is offering such a solution,” said Les Ottolenghi, president of INTENT MediaWorks.

iPeer is available now for download. The software can scan thousands of computers per minute for licensed files, filtering out unauthorized material. iPeer has been successfully tested with very favorable results by such entities as Paalam Technologies and Gray & Associates.

iPeer goes beyond P2P platforms with features that allow consumers to view downloaded files on televisions and mobile devices. INTENT has agreements with personal video recorder (PVR) manufacturers and cellular network providers to deliver branded and original production content through iPeer.

Javien Digital Payment Solutions launched its micropayment aggregation engine, responding to strong demand from the digital music and P2P industries.

Javien’s aggregation engine is being released along with numerous other enhancements, such as a Web services module for improved customization. Micropayment processing requirements have increased dramatically, especially for online music where it is essential to make single-download sales economically feasible.

Javien allows digital content merchants to choose how they want to bundle small charges before processing them onto a credit card, based upon their specific business needs. For example, one merchant might determine $5 as a threshold, another $10, with time-based rules also an option. Javien customers will enjoy the option of both stored value and aggregation for handling micropayments, with built-in support to submit transactions through many leading payment processors.

P2P Cash announced the world’s first patent-pending method to conduct e-commerce between P2P software programs and cellular telephones. P2P Cash’s Intelligent Cash Units, or ICUs, are designed to guarantee secure transactions and cash transfers between individuals using an Internet-connected PC, any cell phone worldwide, or both.

Examples of use include guaranteeing the buying and selling of any form of online content, including music, video, and contracts. P2P Cash anticipates heavy use of its ICUs for international money transfers at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions.

P2P Cash will announce Letters of Intent with several key content companies within the next 30 days.

About the Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA)

The DCIA is a not-for-profit trade organization supported with membership dues contributed by participating companies. DCIA’s mission is to advance the adoption of distributed computing technologies and the commercial development of business models based on them. It provides a forum for senior executive discussion, a medium for lobbying governmental authorities, and a vehicle for educating the public at large. DCIA’s members include Alston & Bird, Altnet, Bennett Lincoff, BlueMaze Entertainment, Claria Corp., Clickshare, Digital Containers, Digital Static, Good Witch Records, Go-Kart Records, Grokster, Indie911, INTENT MediaWorks, Javien, Jeftel, Jun Group, MasurLaw, MusicDish Network, One Love Channel, P2P Cash, Predixis, Project V-G, Rap Station, RazorPop, Relatable, Seamless P2P, Shared Media Licensing, Sharman Networks, SMARTguard Software, Sovereign Artists, SVC Financial, and Trymedia Systems. For more information, please call 888-864-DCIA or visit www.dcia.info.

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