Corporate Profile for Larscom Inc., dated Jan. 5, 2001

Corporate Profile for Larscom Inc., dated Jan. 5, 2001

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Published Date: Jan. 5, 2001

Company Name: Larscom Inc.

Address: 1845 McCandless Drive

Milpitas, CA 95035

Main Telephone

Number: 408/941-4000

Internet Home

Page Address


Chief Executive

Officer: Robert Coackley

Chief Financial

Officer: Donald W. Morgan

Investor Relations

Contact: Donald W. Morgan

Business number: 408/941-4000

E-mail address:

Public Relations

Contact: Corinna Cornejo

Business number: 408/941-4144

E-mail address:

Industry: telecommunications

Trading Symbol/

Exchange: (Nasdaq:LARS)

Company Description: Larscom Inc. is a leading provider of wide area network (WAN) access equipment. Its products bridge the gaps between the end user’s LAN-based technologies and service providers’ WAN-based technologies. Larscom produces intelligent access platforms for IP networks, inverse multiplexers, multiplexers, and CSU/DSUs.

Larscom is innovative. It has a habit of setting industry standards and being first to market.

— Larscom was the first to implement the multilink frame relay standard

(FRF.16) for customer premise equipment (CPE)

— Larscom invented T1/E1 inverse multiplexing

— Larscom introduced the industry’s first fully-compliant inverse multiplexer

for ATM (IMA)

— Larscom created LineLearn(TM); technology for plug-and-play T1/E1 access,

including fractional services

Larscom is recognized for producing quality products and providing outstanding service and support. It was one of the first network access suppliers in the United States to be awarded ISO 9001 certification. Larscom is also active in a number of industry forums and standards organizations, including the ATM Forum, the DSL Forum, the Frame Relay Forum, the University of New Hampshire Consortium, and TIA.

More than 250,000 Larscom network access products are installed in public and private networks worldwide. Sales were $52.8 million in 1999. Customers include major carriers, Internet and network service providers, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. Larscom products have been chosen by organizations such as AT&T, Verizon, Ericsson, IBM, Intermedia, Lucent Technologies, UUNET and WorldCom; international carriers such as British Telecom, Hong Kong Telecom, Singapore Telecom, Telia Swedtel and Telstra; and distributors such as TechData and Kent Data.

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