Control Data Releases InterHost Solution That Delivers Across Web Portals

Control Data Releases InterHost Solution That Delivers Across Web Portals

ARDEN HILLS, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 8, 1999–

Control Data Systems, Inc. today announced immediate availability of the InterHost Server, a solution that provides e-mail and related information sharing capabilities through Web portals of organizations with large customer bases, such as insurance businesses, government agencies, and investment companies.

InterHost offers a Web-based interface that lets users access and share information from any browser. It also supports any IMAP4 or POP3 messaging client. Along with e-mail services and white/yellow pages, InterHost’s server-based shared folders, public bookmarks, and filters help organizations and users sort and share information by topic. Search and retrieval capabilities let users easily find the information they need.

InterHost is $0.96 per seat starting at 100,000 users; per user pricing drops as numbers of users increase.

“The combination of a Web portal and the InterHost solution provides a unified point of entry to a cost-effective way to deliver and organize information. This is especially appealing to organizations that need to communicate regularly with lots of customers,” said Dave Folsom, vice president of Enterprise Internet Solutions at Control Data.

The city government of Taipei in Taiwan is using InterHost to provide free Web-based messaging services to every Taipei citizen. The mailbox service helps the government distribute information to millions of people and gives city residents an easy way to communicate with the government.

The InterHost solution is also well suited to businesses such as insurance organizations and investment companies. A free mailbox on InterHost can make it easy for insurance customers to check on the status of claims and get the latest URLs to policy information and service descriptions. Investment companies can similarly use InterHost mailboxes to send investors URLs to new fund offerings and account statements.

At the server level, key capabilities of InterHost include a threaded SMTP messaging server that handles thousands of messages per second, support for multiple and separate client communities through virtual domains, and reliable and persistent service across individual server failures through server clustering. The server also features local language support for message content, unauthorized relay protection to prevent unauthorized mail from flooding the system, and an integrated LDAP-compliant directory that scales to hundreds of millions of user accounts.

Support for the major security standards – SSL, SKEY, CRAM/MD5, SMTP Auth protects information exchange. Anti-spam and virus checking software is also available.

InterHost is available on popular Unix platforms, including Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and Linux, as well as on Microsoft Windows NT.

Control Data offers comprehensive consulting, design, and deployment services to ensure that the InterHost solution is integrated to best serve customer requirements.

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On September 1, 1999, BT (British Telecommunications plc, NYSE:BTY) announced that Syntegra, its market-leading systems integration business, received final approvals and completed its acquisition of Control Data Systems, Inc. Control Data is an integrated part of Syntegra’s global operations. For more information about Syntegra, call Nicola Appleby at +44-1252-777-029

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