Connectix Ships RAM Doubler for Windows; best selling utility now boosts Windows memory

Connectix Ships RAM Doubler for Windows; best selling utility now boosts Windows memory

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 24, 1995–Connectix Corporation began shipping today RAM Doubler for Windows, a powerful memory management utility that dramatically improves PC performance and reliability.

By effectively doubling available memory, RAM Doubler for Windows lets PC users run more applications simultaneously, lowers the likelihood that applications will crash, provides more memory to network users, and improves memory management efficiency.

“RAM Doubler often does more than the name suggests,” said Roy McDonald, CEO of Connectix. “Many common memory limitations in Windows cannot be overcome even with an unlimited amount of RAM, for example lack of free system resources, the most common cause of Insufficient Memory errors. RAM Doubler for Windows allows users to open more applications and work with greater reliability whether they have 8MB of RAM or 80MB.”

“I used to have trouble opening up even two of my favorite applications on my 8MB laptop,” stated RAM Doubler beta tester Peter Cattaneo, VP Marketing of Genoa Systems. “Now I’m able to open up ten and task switch instantly between all of them! It’s a great productivity enhancement and my system is running more reliably than ever.”

With RAM Doubler for Windows installed, users can not only run an entire suite of applications like Office Professional or Perfect Office, but they can use multiple copies of applications or additional applications at the same time. With RAM Doubler for Windows, users are more productive, loading all their applications once and moving them with a keystroke – no more saving data, quitting one application, loading another application, and then loading more data. OLE becomes useful because users can share data between applications in real time, without having to use the clipboard or temporary files.

Ease of Installation

RAM Doubler for Windows installs in seconds and requires no further adjustment, changing of config.sys or autoexec.bat files, or modification of settings for different tasks. If users don’t want to use RAM Doubler for a particular session, they can simply hold down the Escape key while starting Windows. RAM Doubler’s Installer also contains a full remove function.

Technology Behind RAM Doubler

RAM Doubler for Windows uses the same patented memory management techniques that made RAM Doubler for Macintosh the No. 1 selling utility in all personal computing. It increases the efficiency of Windows memory management by eliminating unnecessary use of critical system resources. In particular it typically doubles the effective capacity of the 64K GDI and User heaps and removes several Windows- specific demands on the below 1MB memory map. Second, it substantially reduces VM hard drive access delays by compressing infrequently used part of RAM memory, thus allowing swapping to occur at RAM speeds rather than hard drive speeds. This latter technique is almost identical to the patented system used successfully in over one million copies of RAM Doubler for Macintosh.

Since RAM Doubler for Windows specifically provides Windows memory management improvements, it works well with DOS memory extenders such as QEMM and Netroom. RAM Doubler requires Windows 3.1 or 3.11 (Windows for Workgroups) and a PC with a 386, 486, or Pentium processor, and 4MB of RAM (8MB recommended).

Pricing and Availability Throughout the U.S.

RAM Doubler for Windows has a suggested retail price of $99US with an expected street price of under $60, and is widely available now through Connectix’s distribution channel at over 6,000 retail locations, including CompUSA, Egghead, Computer City, and Micro Center.

Founded in 1988 and based in San Mateo, Calif., Connectix Corp. designs, manufactures, distributes and publishes award-winning personal computer enhancement products. The company’s flagship products include RAM Doubler, QuickCam, CPU-Connectix PowerBook Utilities and CDU-Connectix Desktop Utilities. For more information, contact Connectix at 800/950-5880, 415/571-5100 or fax 415/571-5195. The company can also be contacted via AppleLink or America OnLine at “Connectix” and CompuServe 75300,1546. -0-

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