Computer Associates Announces Unicenter TNG Support for Apple’s New Mac OS 8.5

Computer Associates Announces Unicenter TNG Support for Apple’s New Mac OS 8.5


Allows Organizations to Manage Macintosh Clients and Servers In

Conjunction with Their Other Heterogeneous Systems

Computer Associates International Inc. (CA) today announced that its industry-leading Unicenter TNG enterprise management system supports Apple Computer Inc.’s new Mac OS 8.5. This support allows corporate customers to manage Macintosh clients and servers across the enterprise in a unified manner, as part of their heterogeneous computing environment.

The new Mac OS 8.5 platform enables secure remote management of Macintosh systems via native non-Macintosh interfaces. Clients running Unicenter TNG on other platforms can monitor the same parameters on Mac OS 8.5 machines as they do on other systems – including CPU utilization, memory utilization, file and disk usage. Mac OS 8.5 users will benefit from Unicenter TNG’s comprehensive management facilities which include complete control over desktops and servers, applications and databases, networks, Web servers, enterprise security, firewalls, and help desks.

By managing Macintosh and non-Macintosh systems from a common management platform, clients will be able to reduce their cost of systems ownership and better integrate the various computing platforms found in today’s heterogeneous enterprise.

“Technology-aggressive companies want to be able to deploy the most appropriate computing platform for a given purpose without creating isolated islands of functionality within the enterprise,” said Ken Farber, CA senior vice president of strategic business alliances. “By providing management for Macintosh systems under Unicenter TNG, CA is ensuring that our mutual customers can gain the benefits the Macintosh platform has to offer without sacrificing integrated management of the end-to-end enterprise environment.”

In addition to effectively managing Macintosh computers individually, Unicenter TNG enables Mac systems to be incorporated into its unique Business Process Views, as well as cross-system management policies encompassing requirements such as security and software distribution.

CA’s support of Mac OS 8.5 comes at an exciting time for the Macintosh platform, with Apple’s new consumer computer, iMac, gaining industry plaudits and generating huge excitement amongst Macintosh enthusiasts and corporate and individual consumers.

“Mac OS 8.5 delivers even more power and ease of use to customers through innovative features like Sherlock search technology, fast networking and the industry-leading automation of PowerPC-native AppleScript,” said Clent Richardson, vice president of worldwide developer relations at Apple Computer Inc. “Unicenter TNG’s support of Mac OS 8.5 will make Macintoshes even better citizens on an enterprise network and is a testament to the close working relationship CA and Apple have developed.”

By automatically managing the enterprise computing environment, Unicenter TNG optimizes the availability of business-critical services to help reduce the total cost of ownership. Enterprise assets including the Internet/intranet and even non-IT equipment, like automated teller machines can be managed based on the business processes they support. Comprehensive and integrated out-of-the-box functionality, an intuitive Real World Interface, and self-learning, predictive neural network Neugent technology make Unicenter TNG easy to deploy and use, resulting in a rapid return on investment that increases over time.

Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA), with headquarters in Islandia, N.Y., is the world leader in mission-critical business software. The company develops, licenses and supports more than 500 integrated products that include enterprise computing and information management, application development, manufacturing and financial applications. CA has over 11,000 people in 160 offices in 43 countries and had revenue of $4.7 billion in fiscal year 1998. CA can be reached by visiting, emailing or calling 1-516-342-5224.

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