Company Profile for ForeScout Technologies

Company Profile for ForeScout Technologies

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ForeScout Technologies delivers real-time Intrusion Prevention that focuses on an attacker’s “proven intent” to attack rather than on attack analysis. ForeScout’s ActiveScout solution is based on a simple philosophy: identify & stop the attacker thereby preventing both known and unknown attacks. ForeScout’s patented technology eliminates the complexity associated with security beyond the firewall, making a new layer of network protection accessible to organizations of all sizes and levels of expertise. ForeScout headquarters are located in San Mateo, CA.

Company: ForeScout Technologies

Headquarters Address: 2755 Campus Drive

Suite 115

San Mateo, California 94403

Main Telephone: 650.358.5580


Type of Organization: Private

Industry: Technology: Software

Key Executives: CEO: Kent Elliott

Public Relations

Contact: Tim Riley

Phone: 650.358.5584


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