Citibank Enhances Online Credit Card Fraud Protection for Consumers, Introduces Virtual Account Numbers

Citibank Enhances Online Credit Card Fraud Protection for Consumers, Introduces Virtual Account Numbers

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New Credit Card Security Technology Makes Online Shopping Safer and

Worry-Free By Generating a Substitute Account Number

For Every Purchase Made On The Web

Advancing its long-standing commitment to protecting consumers against credit card fraud, Citibank today announced the launch of a secure online payment technology that safeguards its cardmembers’ privacy and security when shopping on the Web.

With Virtual Account Numbers, a customer’s actual credit card number is safely stored with Citibank and is never transmitted on the Internet to a merchant or third party. This new credit card security feature generates a random, substitute account number for every online purchase, ensuring that the real account number is never compromised. Virtual Account Numbers is available for free to Citi Card cardmembers at

Virtual Account Numbers addresses consumers’ prevailing concerns about online privacy and security. With Citibank’s new security enhancement, the risk of credit card fraud and identity theft through the misuse of a customer’s real credit card number is eliminated as it is never revealed. Thus, a shopper’s actual account number cannot be stolen. Coupled with Citi Cards’ zero-liability guarantee, which waives a customer’s responsibility for any unauthorized charges to their account, Virtual Account Numbers makes it safer than ever to shop online with a Citi Card.

“This new security technology is just the latest offering in Citibank’s ongoing effort to protect our cardmembers against fraud,” said Amy Radin, director, e-business, Citi Cards. “Virtual Account Numbers is an invaluable benefit to our customers. Consumers gain peace of mind knowing that their personal credit card information never travels on the Internet. For online retailers, who generally bear the financial liability for fraudulent purchases, reduced online fraud equates to a better bottom line.”

With Virtual Account Numbers, users enjoy an easier, faster and more secure online shopping experience. Payment at the checkout page is quick and simple, and shoppers do not have to leave the merchant site to get their unique account number when making their purchases.

Customers simply download the Virtual Account Numbers payment software after registering at and assigning themselves a user name and password. When making a purchase, the customer enters that user name and password for authentication and with one click a random substitute credit card number is generated and can be quickly transferred into the retailer’s checkout form, all within a matter of seconds. The retailer treats the substitute number just like a real credit card number so there’s no delay in the approval process. Once used, the substitute number is not valid at any other retailer site. Each substitute number is tied to the cardholder’s actual Citi Card account allowing them to access the purchase information when necessary.

Virtual Account Numbers, developed in partnership with Orbiscom, the leading provider of online payment solutions to financial institutions, relies on existing credit card processing systems and therefore does not require merchants to make any infrastructure changes. Orbiscom’s patented technology was created to address consumer needs for both security and convenience. The technology can be used at any online retail site as well as for other purchases that do not require a physical credit card such as catalog sales placed over the telephone.

“We share Citibank’s dedication to providing their customers with innovative, consumer driven products. We believe that our unique technology fully supports Citibank’s commitment to enhancing the security and convenience of their cardmembers’ online shopping experience,” said Greg Lawless, Chief Executive Officer at Orbiscom. “Citi Card cardmembers will now have additional protection against personal identity theft and fraud. Our technology protects everyone involved in the online transaction: cardholder, retailer and credit card issuer.”

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Orbiscom is the leading provider of payment security technology for financial institutions. The company’s patented Control Payment Number(TM) (CPN) technology prevents the theft of credit card numbers by generating a substitute account number each time a purchase is made. Orbiscom’s Controlled Payment Platform(TM) enables cost-effective deployment of its flagship CPN technology to a broad range of payment methods, including credit, debit, gift, and pre-paid cards. The platform supports Verified by Visa and MasterCard’s SPA services, as well as emerging authentication protocols such as smart cards and biometrics. Orbiscom technology is now available to over 190 million US issued credit cards. Founded in 1998, Orbiscom is a global company headquartered in Dublin with offices in New York, London, Brussels, Tokyo and Toronto. Orbiscom clients include Citibank, MBNA, Discover Card, First Data Corp., Allied Irish Bank, Carte Bleue, Swedbank, Abbey National, Societe Generale, and Credit Lyonnais. Additional information may be found at:

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