Central Insurance and Intelligent Environments Win Internet Excellence Award; Legacy-to-Web Technology Instrumental in Conducting Online Business

Central Insurance and Intelligent Environments Win Internet Excellence Award; Legacy-to-Web Technology Instrumental in Conducting Online Business


Central Insurance Companies, a provider of homeowner, automobile and commercial policies, and Intelligent Environments, a specialist provider of Web-enabled enterprise legacy integration tools and services, today announced that they have been awarded Technology New Jersey’s Internet Excellence award, as a result of the innovative development of Central Insurance’s Web site.

The Internet Excellence Award recognizes the top 50 companies and organizations that have created and implemented a leading-edge Web site or e-commerce site that embodies the best the Internet has to offer. “Any company or organization that has demonstrated creativity and technical innovation in ways that place them above their peers is eligible for the Internet Excellence Award,” said Grace Polhemus, president of Technology New Jersey.

Central Insurance Companies, a division of Central Mutual with operations in 15 states, writes automobile, homeowners, and commercial policies. The company’s Web site is utilized by more than 600 independent agents to quickly execute commercial policy transactions. Intelligent Environments helped Central created an environment where the agent would type the policy information into this system, transmit it to company headquarters, and have the requested policy quote migrate back to the agent quickly, all without human intervention. Prior to implementing the new application, it typically took 10 days to receive a commercial policy quotation. With the new application, the turn around time on these quotations has been reduced to 15 minutes. By utilizing Intelligent Environments’ Amazon legacy integration product, enabling the integration of mainframe data with the Web, agents can now obtain a quote within minutes versus days.

In addition, through Amazon, Central is now able to build new applications and offer new services to agents and customers, thereby increasing the number of policies that are placed. Central is currently building an application that will allow agents to modify any quote that has already been submitted, as well as make inquiries into a customer’s billing status and file a claim – all in real time.

“It is no surprise that the Internet can completely revolutionize a company’s business practices,” states Timm Vonu, president of Intelligent Environments. “We are excited to be able to enable these companies to bring their existing legacy investments to the power of the Web.

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