CDC Statement Prompts Trigg Laboratories to Voluntarily Remove Nonoxynol-9 From WET Original Formula Personal Lubricant

CDC Statement Prompts Trigg Laboratories to Voluntarily Remove Nonoxynol-9 From WET Original Formula Personal Lubricant

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In keeping with its commitment to customer safety, Trigg Laboratories Inc., creators of WET(TM) products, has voluntarily and proactively removed the ingredient Nonoxynol-9 from its WET Original Formula Personal Lubricant Gel. This is the first personal lubricant line in the nation to take this action.

This change was made because of an Aug. 4, 2000, statement made by The Centers for Disease Control. The statement cited recent findings from an important study about HIV prevention and the potential health risks that may come from using Nonoxynol-9. (Please visit the CDC website at

“After thoroughly reviewing this study’s findings on the potential risks from using Nonoxynol-9, we put safety first and voluntarily removed Nonoxynol-9 from our WET Original Formula,” said Michael Trygstad, president and founder of Trigg Laboratories Inc. “Safety is the highest priority in the products we market, so while some competitors have only reduced the amount of Nonoxynol-9, we’ve chosen to eliminate it entirely.”

This recent HIV prevention study was conducted in Africa by researchers with the Joint United Nations Program on AIDS (UNAIDS). The researchers found that the participants in the study who used Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) gel had become infected with HIV at about a 50 percent higher rate than those who used a placebo gel. Further, the results indicate the more frequently they used only N-9 gel (without a condom) to protect themselves, the higher their risk of becoming infected. Simply stated, N-9 did not protect against HIV infection and may have caused more transmission.

WET Original is the only formula changed, as it is the only formula WET made containing Nonoxynol-9. Packaging for the new version of WET Original Formula is clearly labeled with “DOES NOT contain Nonoxynol-9.”

As a steadfast company policy, Trigg Laboratories Inc. continuously monitors research findings in all areas of healthcare science and stands ready to make any and all necessary product changes, based on recommendations from the CDC, FDA or any other appropriate agency.

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