Canon U.S.A. Introduces Visual Communications Camera, Network Camera Server and Software Solutions to Stream Live Video Over a Network or the Internet

Canon U.S.A. Introduces Visual Communications Camera, Network Camera Server and Software Solutions to Stream Live Video Over a Network or the Internet

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Three new complementary camera/server products that provide solutions for live event web casting, security monitoring, interactive homepages and worldwide remote control have been introduced by Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon, Inc. (NYSE:CAJ).

The VC-C4 is a compact video camera with remote control options, including pan, tilt and zoom. The VB101 network camera server permits streaming real-time video over the Internet or an Intranet. WebView Livescope 3.1 is a software solution for streaming video over the Internet or an Intranet.

“The VC-C4, VB101 and WebView Livescope 3.1 software represent Canon’s commitment to deliver video imaging solutions for the Internet or an Intranet,” said Yukiaki Hashimoto, vice president and general manager, Photographic Products Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “We recognize the need for websites and businesses to incorporate video to enhance communication, overcoming the barriers of distance and language. This combination of Canon products makes it easy and affordable.”

The VC-C4 is a high-quality video camera that delivers remote control operation over pan/tilt/zoom (P/T/Z) features in a compact, lightweight design. It can operate four ways: independently, as part of an integrated video system, with Canon’s VB101 network camera server, or with WebView Livescope 3.1. A built-in infrared receiver and RS232 port permit hands-free operation via a supplied wireless remote control or a personal computer. A reverse ceiling-mount model, VC-C4R, also is available for video imaging overhead, in a room corner, or other inconspicuous places.

The VC-C4 and the VC-C4R (suggested list price $1,495) are available at authorized Canon video dealers. Each camera is 4 X 4.48 X 3.58 inches. Each kit contains VC-C4 or VC-C4R, WL-V5 wireless controller, PA-V16 power adapter, AC cable and RCA cable.

Six Canon VC-C4 cameras, operating with Canon VB101 network camera servers, were used for the first time during the “2000 MTV Video Music Awards” broadcast in September. The cameras allowed online visitors to view various locations in and around Radio City Music Hall during the event. Directors for the web cast easily controlled the pan, tilt and zoom features of the VC-C4 from a remote location. The Canon cameras were strategically located to provide fans with unique views of all the action outside the theater, along the red carpet, at the podium, on stage, in the audience and near the press covering the event.

The Canon VB101 network camera server is designed to transmit real-time video over an Ethernet connection in a LAN (Local Area Network), a WAN (Wide Area Network), or through an Internet connection. It is appropriate for applications requiring real-time video over a network or the Internet, including web pages, live-event web casting, security monitoring, and worldwide remote monitoring and camera control.

The Canon VB101 is available at authorized Canon video dealers at a suggested list price of $1749. The VB101 kit contains the VB101 main unit, AC Adapter PA-V16, AC cable, RS232C cable for camera control, RS232C cable and CD-ROM for initial setup.

The supplied CD-ROM includes two software applications for viewing and camera control. WebView Livescope Java Viewer uses Java applets used by most Internet browsers. WebView Livescope Helper Viewer is a Canon proprietary software for Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 that must be pre-installed on the viewer’s computer.

Optional software applications also are available for system expansion when used in conjunction with VC-C4 and VB101. WebView Livescope MV (Multi-viewer) 1.0 enables the creation of a multi-view monitoring system over a LAN, WAN, or the Internet in which users are able to control the viewing angle (pan/tilt) and zoom of cameras in remote locations. It includes MV Manager and MV Station. WebView MV Manager permits the creation of monitoring screens from a variety of templates, and provides for the consolidation and management of multiple network camera servers. WebView Livescope MV Station allows an end user to access these pre-designed templates. WebView Livescope MV Station also will be sold separately.

WebView Livescope 3.1 is a PC-based application that requires Windows NT 4.0 operating system and controls up to four VC-C4 cameras, depending on the capture card, with up to 100 viewers simultaneously. It is an alternate software-only solution for those who desire to stream live video over the Internet to a web site with heavier traffic demands than provided by the VB101 network camera server. System requirements for Canon’s WebView Livescope 3.1 are:

— A Pentium computer with Windows NT4 Service Pack 5 using service;

— Internet Explorer 4.0 or later;

— A video capture card. Current supported video cards include Osprey 100/200,

Matrox Meteor, Matrox Meteor/PPB and Matrox Meteor-II (Meteor 2/4);

— Ethernet Connection (10BaseT or 100BaseT).

Suggested listed prices are: WebView Livescope 3.1 at $1,995, WebView Livescope MV 1.0 at $499 and WebView Livescope MV Station at $125.

Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon, Inc., provides professional and consumer imaging solutions that give people the Know How to access the latest technology. The company’s comprehensive product line includes networked multifunction devices; digital and analog copiers (color and black and white); printers, scanners, image filing systems, and facsimile machines; camcorders, cameras and lenses; and semiconductor, broadcast and medical equipment. Canon employs 12,000 people at more than 30 facilities throughout North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

VC-C4/VC-C4R, VB101 and software features follow.

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Genuine Canon 16x power zoom lens: Provides a wide range of coverage and high-magnification. At 4 – 64mm F/1.4, the horizontal angle of view is 47.5 – 3 degrees and may be expanded to 65 degrees with the optional WL-37 wide-angle adapter (VC-C4 only).

High-resolution picture quality: A 1/4-inch CCD with 410K pixels and single digital signal processing circuit delivers 460 TV lines of resolution and a signal to noise ratio of 48 dB.

Pan/tilt angles and speeds: The VC-C4 pans +/- 100 degrees and tilts +90/-30 degrees. The VC-C4R pans +/- 170 degrees and tilts +10/-90 degrees. Both video cameras pan up to 90 degrees per second and tilt up to 70 degrees per second.

Center-mounted camera head: Delivers high-speed precision movement with smoother, quieter pan/tilt operations.

Camera preset function: Up to nine preset camera positions can be programmed, including head angle, zoom position and brightness level.

Automatic and manual image control: Focus, exposure and white balance are automatically controlled. Focus and exposure may be manually controlled.

Versatile connections: Each Canon VC-C4 model contains an s-video and composite video output terminal and two RS-232C ports for personal computer control and daisy chaining up to nine cameras.


The VB101 is capable of high-quality video at speeds of up to 30 frames per second. Image compression is performed using Motion-JPEG. Settings can be optimized according to the computer speed and network connection.

Up to four cameras can be connected to the VB101 and up to two Canon P/T/Z cameras can be controlled remotely.

Up to 20users can access the video at the same time from a single VB101.

The VB101 software is compatible with TCP/IP and HTTP, the standard Internet protocols, allowing the image transmission and remote camera control to be performed from a Web browser.

If a Canon video communication camera such as the VC-C4 is used, the viewer can control the angle (pan and tilt) and zoom of the cameras installed in remote locations.

The VB101 includes two PC card slots, which can be used to add an optional modem or PC memory card.

In addition to transmitting video images, the VB101 features built-in Web server functions. By storing Web page data to an optional PC memory card, the VB101 also can be used to transmit a web page with video images.


A PC based application requiring the use of a Windows NT (Service Pack 5) workstation or server to distribute live video via an Intranet or over the Internet.

Supports a variety of image capture boards from Matrox and Viewcast.

Supports up to four cameras that can be viewed by up to 100 viewers simultaneously.

Complete camera control from remote locations.

Extensive settings for camera viewing parameters and restricted destinations.

Panorama image function captures, stores and integrates images into a single panorama image.


Contains two software applications. MV Manager can be used to create monitoring template screens and manage multiple servers. MV Station is used to view these templates.

Select and create monitoring screens from a wide range of template styles.

Complete camera control from remote locations.

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