Authenex Offers Combined Authentication Features Token and Server Solution for Network Security

Authenex Offers Combined Authentication Features Token and Server Solution for Network Security

HAYWARD, Calif. — Multi-Functional Authentication Tokens and Servers Address Growing Market Need for Versatility With Choice of USB or Stand Alone One-Time Password Capability

Authenex, a leading provider of affordable and strong authenticated e-security applications, today announced the release of its latest version of ASAS. This latest release establishes the first combined features token and server solution allowing multi-functional authentication for users via USB based challenge-response or One-Time Password (OTP).

Authenex has added an LCD screen, battery and OTP generation button to the A-Key, allowing the token user to use it as an OTP standalone device for authentication in lieu of USB connectivity. The A-Key’s USB interface has been upgraded to include full PKI functionality and CCID compatibility in addition to challenge-response authentication. The CCID USB smart card class-driver eliminates the need for a device-specific driver — creating a “driverless” plug and play experience for end-users.

“Companies are taking strong steps to increase efficiency by providing network access to employees anywhere and at anytime,” said Paul Lin, president and CEO of Authenex Inc. “With the new features in our A-Key token and ASAS application, we’ve strengthened our products to provide those companies with the tools they need to achieve those goals.”

The Authenex Strong Authentication System (ASAS), the central administration server for the A-Key two-factor authentication solution, has been upgraded to support multiple methods of authentication while maintaining its secure and easy-to-use structure.

Authenex will also unveil ASAS in an appliance form factor in early Q1. The ASAS appliance will meet growing market demand for robust appliance platforms for authentication. The integrated ASAS appliance eliminates the need for procurement, installation and maintenance of general-purpose server hardware, thus offering simplified deployment and minimal IT administration.

About Authenex Inc.

Authenex has developed the most affordable, secure and easy-to-use platform for strong (two-factor) authenticated e-security applications — making it possible for enterprises and PC-users to afford and deploy the highest standards in network security. The Authenex suite of applications includes Strong Authentication for VPN, LAN and Web, Strong (Web) Access Control, End Point (File and Hard-Drive) Encryption, Secure File Exchange, and an All-in-One Security Suite, as well as Certificate Storage. Each leverages the chip-based A-Key(TM) token — providing simplified management and use. Combined authentication features are offered in the A-Key for multi-functional usage.

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