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Andromedia’s Movie Critic Named Among World’s Best One-to-One Web Sites by Industry-Renowned Peppers and Rogers Group

Andromedia’s Movie Critic Named Among World’s Best One-to-One Web Sites by Industry-Renowned Peppers and Rogers Group


Pioneering Movie Recommendation Site Utilizes

Andromedia’s Patented LikeMinds(TM) Personalization Technology

as Most Accurate and Effective Way to Build Lasting

One-to-One Customer Relationships Online

Andromedia, Inc., a leading supplier of personalization software for e-commerce, today announced that Movie Critic(R) (, its award-winning movie recommendation site, has been named one of the world’s top one-to-one customer relationship-building Web sites by Peppers and Rogers Group.

Peppers and Rogers Group, the preeminent Customer Relationship Management consulting firm, announced the 32 “best of breed” winners in its recently published, “The State of One To One Online (Volume 1.0)” report, available at

The report demonstrates how companies use online initiatives to build profitable, loyal relationships with their customers. The best sites employ techniques and functionality that make each visit easier, more rewarding, and more personally relevant than the last. The most advanced sites, as demonstrated on Andromedia’s Movie Critic, go even further — they use customer profile information to build lasting customer relationships by delivering a highly valuable, personalized and engaging experience in realtime while customers are interacting on the site.

“There is a race online to lock in the loyalty of the world’s best customers,” says Peppers and Rogers Group partner and co-founder Martha Rogers, Ph.D. “Most companies don’t recognize that the proper measure of online success is the ability to turn visitors into loyal customers, not simply how many visitors you can attract to your site.”

The results of the report further support that Andromedia’s Movie Critic locks in customer loyalty through the uncanny accuracy of its movie recommendations and the sheer amount of time it would take the visitor to teach another site about their individual movie preferences. Utilizing LikeMinds(TM) Personalization Technology on is a win/win situation for both the visitor and the site, since building lasting one-to-one relationships is imperative to achieving customer satisfaction.

Why Movie Critic Chosen Among World’s Best

Imagine having a friend who has seen just about every movie ever made, and who can make highly accurate recommendations for you based on your personal tastes. This is what Movie Critic does for thousands of members through the use of Andromedia’s powerful LikeMinds personalization technology.

Movie Critic was one of the top 32 Web sites selected from more than 500 nominations submitted by the 100,000 readers of Peppers and Rogers Group’s weekly email newsletter, INSIDE:1to1 ( Originally designed as the demonstration site for Andromedia’s LikeMinds Personalization Technology, Movie Critic has accumulated a following of more than 150,000 loyal users. After registering, visitors to rate a small number of movies. Movie Critic learns their preferences and makes immediate recommendations based on the tastes of other similar users. It predicts which movies visitors will like and even ranks the strength of the recommendations, establishing a strong relationship with the user. The more movies a visitor rates, the better the recommendations Movie Critic delivers.

“This technique is called collaborative filtering,” explains Don Peppers, partner and co-founder of Peppers and Rogers Group. “Simply put, the process allows the company to interact repeatedly with the customer, each visit building on the relationship as new or updated information is added to the profile. The result is a company that makes smart, highly individualized recommendations to the visitor.”

“Andromedia is thrilled to have Movie Critic singled out by such a reputable source in one-to-one marketing,” says Steve Kanzler, vice president of marketing at Andromedia. “Peppers and Rogers Group continues to shed valuable light on the importance of e-marketing and one-to-one relationship building online. We see this recognition as a testament to the value marketers can realize by implementing Andromedia’s LikeMinds Personalization technology to build better online customer relationships.”

Andromedia’s Patented LikeMinds Personalization Technology

Andromedia holds the original patents in the field of collaborative filtering (U.S. Patent 4,870,579, U.S. Patent 4,996,642, Canada Patent 1,324,675). The company’s patents cover the most accurate form of predictive modeling (personalization) technology for analyzing past behavior, finding like-minded individuals, and predicting an individual’s future behavior. Andromedia’s LikeMinds technology provides accurate, real-time predictions useful for suggestive selling, up-selling, personalized email, and targeted promotions and advertisements. LikeMinds technology is showcased at Andromedia’s pioneering Movie Critic Web site,, one of the earliest and most popular demonstrations of personalization on the Web.

About Andromedia

Founded in 1996, San Francisco-based Andromedia ( is a leading supplier of personalization software for e-commerce. Andromedia provides Smart eMarketing software comprised of the ARIA(R) and LikeMinds product lines, enabling customers to create a better online experience and increase sales. ARIA, winner of CNET’s 1998 Product Award for “Best Traffic Analysis Tool,” analyzes high-value data in realtime and reports on customer information that is critical to managing online business effectively. LikeMinds Personalization Server (LPS) efficiently personalizes each and every customer interaction, providing realtime response to customers’ needs.

Andromedia has more than 120 customers including Audi; The Boston Herald; Cinemax; Columbia House; Cyberian Outpost(Nasdaq:COOL); Daimler Chrysler (NYSE:DCX); Intuit (Nasdaq:INTU); Levi Strauss & Co; Motley Fool; Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE); Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq:SUNW); the U.S. Postal Service; The Weather Channel; and Xerox (NYSE:DCX). Strategic partners include Allaire (Nasdaq:ALLR), Art Technology Group, BroadVision (Nasdaq:BVSN), Computer Associates (NYSE:CA), EarthLink Network (Nasdaq:ELNK), Engage Technology, Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HWP), NetGravity (Nasdaq:NETG), Netscape (Nasdaq:NSCP), Sun Microsystems, and Vignette (Nasdaq:VIGN).

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