Analysis of the World’s Major Product Segments within the Wine Industry

Analysis of the World’s Major Product Segments within the Wine Industry

DUBLIN, Ireland — Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Wine – Global Strategic Business Report to their offering.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Wine in Millions of Liters. The major product segments analyzed are Still Wine (Still Red, Still White, & Still Rose), Sparkling Wine, Fortified Wine, and Vermouth, The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle East, and Latin America. Annual forecasts are provided for each region and product segment for the period of 2001 through 2010. A ten-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets with annual market analytics. The report profiles 1574 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Allied Domecq PLC, Bacardi Limited, Bacardi USA, Inc., BRL Hardy Ltd., Brown-Forman Corp., Castel Group, Constellation Brands, Inc., Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery, Groupe Marne et Champagne, Kendall-Jackson Wines Estates Ltd., Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy S.A., Remy Cointreau, Pernod Ricard Groupe, Southcorp Holdings Ltd., and Vina Concha y Toro.

Topics Covered


1. Market Overview

2. Product Overview

3. Primary Producers of Wine

4. Key Markets

5. Product Introductions/Innovations

6. Recent Industry Activity

7. Focus on Select Global Players

8. Global Market Perspective


1. The United States

2. Canada

3. Japan

4. Europe

4a. France

4b. Germany

4c. Italy

4d. The United Kingdom

4e. Spain

4f. Russia

4g. Rest of Europe

5. Asia-Pacific

5a. China

5b. Australia

5c. New Zealand

5d. Rest of Asia-Pacific

6. Latin America

6a. Argentina

6b. Brazil

6c. Chile

6d. Mexico

6e. Rest of Latin America


Companies Mentioned Include:

– A Racke GmbH & Co (Germany) – AC Johnston Pty, Ltd (Australia) – Abbazia Casa Vinicola Srl (Italy)- Abrau-Durso (Russia) – Adami Srl (Italy) – Agricola Capo Leuca Srl (Italy)- Agricola Corne Snc (Italy) – Agricola Goretti Produzione Vini Srl (Italy)- Agricola Le Corti SpA (Italy) – Agricola Pliniana Scrl (Italy) – Agricola San Felice SpA (Italy)- Agricola Todini Srl (Italy) – Agriter Sas (Italy) – Agro-Halipa Srl (Moldova) – Agrolaguna dd (Croatia)- Agromedimurje dd (Croatia) – Agrovin Bulboaca SA (Moldova) – Airone Duca Di Scanzano Srl (Italy) – Akovin Kft (Hungary)- Aldegheri Srl (Italy)- Alessi Leandro E Gabriella Srl (Italy) – Alianta-Vin Srl (Moldova) – Allan Scott Wines & Estate Ltd (New Zealand) – Altesino SpA (Italy) – Altia Corporation (Finland) – Alvina Ltd (Bulgaria)- Amadio Vini Srl (Italy)- Ambra SA Winiarnia (Poland) – Amiad Winery (Israel)- Andres Wines Ltd (Canada) – Angoves Pty, Ltd (Australia)- Angus Wines Pty, Ltd (Australia)- Anheuser & Tuns (Germany) – Anhui Gujing Shuangxi Wine Group Co, Ltd (China) – Anselmi Srl (Italy) – Antica Cantina Fratta Srl (Italy)- Antica Casa Vinicola Scarpa (Italy) – Antica Contea Di Castelvero Scrl (Italy) – Antica Vineria Scrl (Italy) – Anton Riemerschmid GmbH & Co, KG (Germany)- Antonin Rodet (France)- Aragon Y Cia SA (Spain)- Arak & Wine Chbat Sarl (Lebanon)- Araujo Estate Wines (USA) – Arco Bodegas Unidas SA (Spain) – Arcus Produkter AS (Norway) – Arini Enologo Giuseppe Casa Vinicola, Impresa Individuale (Italy)- Arione SpA (Italy) – Armagnac Cave (France)- Aroma SA (Moldova) – Arrowfield Wines Pty, Ltd (Australia) – Arunda Snc (Italy) – Arza Wine Cellars TRZ Ltd (Israel) – Asahi Breweries Limited (Japan)- Asconi Srl (Moldova) – Asia Brewery (Xiamen) Co, Ltd (China) – Askerne Vineyard (New Zealand) – Assennato, Impresa Individuale (Italy) – Ata Rangi Vineyard (New Zealand)- Australian Prestige Wines Pty, Ltd (Australia) – Avalon Vineyard (Australia) – Az Agricola Giribaldi Mario, Impresa Individuale (Italy) – Azienda Agricola Anteo Srl (Italy)- Azienda Agricola Borgo Scopeto E Tenuta Caparzo Srl (Italy) – Azienda Agricola Cantine Romagnoli SpA (Italy) – Azienda Agricola Casale Falchini, Impresa Individuale (Italy) – Azienda Agricola “Casale Marchese” (Italy)- Azienda Agricola Castello Di Roncade, Impresa Individuale (Italy) – Azienda Agricola Colli Irpini Srl (Italy)- Azienda Agricola Colli S Anna Snc (Italy)- Azienda Agricola Conti Bossi Fedrigotti, Societa Semplice (Italy)- Azienda Agricola Conti Zecca (Italia) – Azienda Agricola Di Montepaldi Srl (Italy)- Azienda Agricola Fratelli Berlucchi SpA (Italy) – Azienda Agricola La Castellina Scrl (Italy)- Azienda Agricola Le Vigne Di San Pietro, Impresa Individuale (Italy) – Azienda Agricola Longariva, Impresa Individuale (Italy) – Azienda Agricola Manicardi Srl (Italy) – Azienda Agricola Midolini Srl (Italy) – Azienda Agricola Mirabella Srl (Italy) – Azienda Agricola Montetondo (Italy) – Azienda Agricola Montruglio Sas (Italy) – Azienda Agricola Petrucco, Societa Semplice (Di Lina E Paolo Petrucco) – Azienda Agricola Pigno Snc (Italy)- Azienda Agricola Plozner Sas (Italy) – Azienda Agricola Provenza, Impresa Individuale (Italy)- Azienda Agricola Ronchi SNC (Di Manzano) (Italy)

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