American Fire Retardant — Blazing the Trail

American Fire Retardant — Blazing the Trail

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American Fire Retardant Corp.’s (OTCBB:AFRT) James Wheeler, AFRC’s Sales and Marketing Director, said that “American Fire Retardant Corp. is blazing the trail in safety products with its patented Fyberix 2000V, that meets the requirements of TB603 in mattress safety, its Firextra line for commercial airplanes, boats, silk plants and with its TreeSafe for Christmas trees.” Last week he told senior government officials of the United States and Mexico that “AFRC has invested millions of dollars in research and development and the company has persevered for over 18 years waiting and positioning itself for today.”

Wheeler continued by saying that “The U.S. spends nearly 1% of the GDP (gross domestic product) on direct fire losses and, more importantly, 4,400 lives were lost. In other parts of the world, this direct cost is much higher.” Quoting from the International Association for the Study of Insurance Economics, World Fire Statistics Report, Wheeler reported that, “The costs for other countries were much higher. These included Belgium at 40%, Norway at 27%, Switzerland at 23%, Sweden at 22% and Italy at 20%. American Fire has continued to develop new products and methods knowing that there would be a time when the government would have to mandate through legislation fire safety at both the commercial and consumer level.”

Ken Wilson, International Sales Director for AFRC, relates this legislation to seatbelts and airbags. “Seatbelts and airbags had been manufactured for years prior to the time that federal laws were passed mandating them. However, how many were actually sold prior to the legislation? Fire prevention products like those manufactured by AFRC have been in that same boat. We make the best! They prevent fires, and most importantly, they save lives.” Mr. Wilson concluded his statement by saying, “Now that legislators have recognized the need to help people in spite of themselves and passed laws like that of California’s TB603, we can make a difference. You can count on American Fire Retardant’s continued development in the area of Global Safety.”

Wheeler added the following, as a note to friends and shareholders of American Fire Retardant Corp. “I am asked each day what the company is doing and why I think things are so optimistic. I want to share just a few of the things we have done in the recent past. AFRC has built a team of professionals like Mr. Raoul Carroll, Mr. Stephen Owens, Bruce Raidl, Randy Betts, Julian Phillips, Ken Wilson, and Mr. Bill Fawcett to name a few. We have developed or acquired over 170 proprietary products, including American Safety Products, National Certified Fire Retardant, Inc., the GloveBox and patents from HoodPak. We have paid off debt and we have partnered with and/or have teaming agreements with major suppliers to industry. We have strategic marketing relationships with the likes of Mr. Joe Campanelli and PTS Products International, Inc. and have invested heavily in TV, print and direct marketing campaigns. And yet the single most important thing that Mr. Owens and his team at AFRC have done for you today, was to persevere. AFRC has fought for over 18 years waiting and knowing that this day would come. The time is NOW! Times have changed forever and we have fewer freedoms and fewer choices since 911. One less choice is public safety and AFRC is a leader in the Safety Industry.”

Mr. Wheeler concluded by saying, “So when you ask me if I am positive on AFRC, I say yes, defiantly yes — you now know why. All of us at American Fire Retardant Corp. thank you for your continued support in the worthwhile venture of Global Safety.”

About American Fire Retardant Corp.

American Fire Retardant Corp. (OTCBB:AFRT) (, is in the business of developing, manufacturing and marketing a line of interior and exterior fire retardant products. American Fire Retardant Corp. also designs new technology for future fire resistive applications that are being mandated by local, state and governmental agencies. Additionally, the company is active in the construction industry as sub-contractors for fire stop and fire film installations.

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