AMD Introduces the AMD Alchemy Au1550 Processor Delivering Integrated Secure Network Processing Power

AMD Introduces the AMD Alchemy Au1550 Processor Delivering Integrated Secure Network Processing Power

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RSA Conference 2004

Booth #1628


— Enhanced with SafeNet technology, the Au1550(TM) processor

provides customers improved security, performance, and

flexibility, reducing overall solution cost

Advanced Micro Devices, (AMD) (NYSE:AMD) today announced the AMD Alchemy(TM) Au1550 security network processor, designed for customers to address the critical need for security in wired and wireless applications. The processor accelerates networking and remote access applications such as gateways and network attached storage (NAS) units, wireless access points and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) environments. Enhancing the high-performance, low-power and high-integration functionality of the AMD Alchemy Au1500 processor, the Au1550 processor enables customers to integrate leading-edge security functionality provided through SafeNet, a leader in private and public network security solutions that set the standard for VPN technology and secure business communications.

“Security consciousness is a way of life. We create products to provide our customers with high-performance, low-power processors extending functionality that address their growing security needs,” said Phil Pompa, AMD’s vice president of marketing, Personal Connectivity Solutions group. “With the Au1550 security network processor, AMD continues its commitment to providing cutting-edge technology that meets the changing needs of our customers.”

“We are excited to team up with AMD on their new secure networking processor family and helping AMD in providing its customers with high performance security enabled solutions,” said David Potts, senior vice president and general manager for SafeNet’s Embedded Security Division. “AMD is offering a new level of integrated networking and security performance and we believe this will be a very compelling solution for a wide range of commercial products.”

This newest product in the AMD Alchemy Solutions product line features an integrated Security Engine which implements the entire VPN packet protocol in hardware, thereby off-loading the CPU from performing these tasks in software. By accelerating the complete IPsec packet-processing task in hardware, the Au1550 processor can significantly improve security performance relative to other network processors, which implement only selected encryption and hashing functions. The processor supports both IPsec and SSL types of VPN protocols and includes a True Random Number Generator (RNG). Additionally, the Au1550 processor is capable of sustaining unlimited VPN tunnels simultaneously. These features are made possible with intellectual property technology licensed from SafeNet called SafeXcel IP, allowing AMD to deliver proven security capabilities for networking devices. These security features address the needs of enterprise customers designing networked environments that need a flexible security platform and demand a high-performance, low-power processor at a lower system cost.

Key features of the AMD Alchemy Au1550 security network processor include:

— Security Engine

— Supports both IPsec and SSL VPN standards

— Accelerates entire VPN packet processing task in hardware

— Implements DES, 3DES, AES, ARC-4, SHA-1, MD5

— Provides True Random Number Generation

— DDR/SDR Memory Controller

— Supports DDR and SDRAM, up to DDR400

— Greater flexibility in speed vs. bandwidth tradeoffs

— Descriptor-based DMA (DDMA)

— Designed for linked list of DMA operations

— 16 channels

— Static Controller

— Supports NOR and NAND Flash

— PCMCIA and Compact Flash support

— Operating system support

— Windows(R) CE.NET

— Linux

— VxWorks

— Low power consumption

— Supports Battery and Power-Over-Ethernet applications

Using SafeNet’s CGX Mobile Library, the Au1550 processor customers can design security solutions with multiple price-performance options, using the same software application-programming interface (API). Using this common API, customers currently using AMD’s Au1500 processor-based Access Equipment RDK can easily migrate to the Au1550 processor-based platform with little or no software modification.

Network security has become a requirement as the shift to wireless communications and sophisticated Internet use, has both industry and consumers thinking beyond the PC.

Operating at half a watt, the Au1550 security network processor provides flexible network security and performance at remarkably low power. The Au1550 processor is available in speeds of 333MHz, 400 MHz and 500 MHz. At 400 MHz, the power is 500 mW. For more information on the AMD Alchemy Au1550 processor, please go to:

Pricing and Availability

In 10,000 unit quantities, the Au1550 security network processor is priced at $21.26, $26.57 and $33.75 for 333 MHz, 400MHz, and 500 MHz versions respectively. The Au1550 processor is currently sampling and is expected to be available in production quantities in the second quarter of 2004.

The new Au1550 security network processor can be viewed in SafeNet’s booth, number 1628, at the RSA Show in San Francisco.

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