AMC Pays Tribute to Academy-Award Winning Actress Anne Bancroft with ‘The Graduate’ on Monday, June 20

AMC Pays Tribute to Academy-Award Winning Actress Anne Bancroft with ‘The Graduate’ on Monday, June 20

WHO: Tribute to actress Anne Bancroft, who won an Oscar(R) for THE

MIRACLE WORKER and had a place in pop culture history as the

seductive Mrs. Robinson in THE GRADUATE


WHEN: Monday, June 20 at 11 AM ET/PT

THE GRADUATE (1967): Tired of being the golden boy for his

parents’ friends, college track star Benjamin Braddock (Dustin

Hoffman) embarks upon an affair with the sultry Mrs. Robinson (Anne

Bancroft), the wife of his father’s boss. Benjamin leads a frustrated

life and often sees adults in a surreal way, so he hopes to relax and

sow his wild oats as suggested by his mistresses, but is dismayed to

find himself just another tool to ease middle-aged insecurity. With a

pop-song score written by Paul Simon and performed by Simon &

Garfunkel, bolstering its contemporary appeal, THE GRADUATE opened to

rave reviews in December 1967 and surpassed all commercial

expectations. The movie was one of the top-grossing films of 1968 and

was nominated for seven Oscars(R), including Best Picture, Actor and

Actress, with Mike Nichols winning Best Director. Together with BONNIE

AND CLYDE, THE GRADUATE stands as one of the most influential films of

the late 1960s, as its dissection of the generation gap helped lead

the way to the youth-oriented Hollywood artistic “renaissance” of the

early 1970s.

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