Ahead Software’s Nero MediaHome Networked PC AV Streaming Media Server Software Receives UPnP Certification

Ahead Software’s Nero MediaHome Networked PC AV Streaming Media Server Software Receives UPnP Certification

KARLSBAD, Germany — UPnP(TM) Certification Logo Assures Nero MediaHome Users Compatibility, Ease of Use and Stability

Ahead Software, leaders in digital media technology and developers of award-winning Nero applications, announced today that Nero MediaHome(TM), a software based media server that provides networked PC users the ability to stream media files from one PC to another, has received the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP(TM)) certification from UPnP Implementers Corporation (UIC).

Nero MediaHome, released as a free download to Nero 6 users on October 18, 2004, transforms an ordinary home network into a fully functional streaming media center. It allows most audio, video and image files to be shared via a LAN (Local Area Network) and enables playback wired or wirelessly from the server in Nero ShowTime 2 on networked systems, including laptops and on other UPnP(TM) certified devices such as a TV, DVD players, AV receivers and speakers. Nero MediaHome is the perfect fit to a converging market geared toward the connected digital home.

“We are delighted that Ahead Software is supporting UPnP(TM) technology,” said Rob Ranck, Executive Director of UPnP(TM) Implementers Corporation. “Their popular Nero 6 software product has achieved UPnP(TM) certification and will display the UPnP(TM) logo.”

The UPnP(TM) Implementers Corporation is a non-profit corporation that promotes the adoption of UPnP(TM) technology by manufacturers of hardware and software products. UPnP(TM) certification assures users that third-party products such as Nero MediaHome are easy to install and configure.

“We work hard to make sure every product developed by Ahead Software works well with any hardware or software it may come in contact with and Nero MediaHome is no exception,” said Klaus Bock, General Manager of Ahead Software AG. “The UPnP(TM) certification and logo is a clear indication to customers that we have succeeded in our goal of making Nero MediaHome user-friendly and easy to configure.”

The UIC comprises UPnP(TM) Forum member companies across many industries who promote the adoption of uniform technical device interconnectivity standards and testing and certifying of these devices. Incorporated in February 2001, the UIC develops and administers the testing and certification process, administers the UPnP(TM) logo program and provides information to UIC members and other interested parties regarding the certification of UPnP(TM) devices.

About Ahead

Ahead Software provides the most reliable CD/DVD software applications available to serve digital media markets worldwide. Since its inception in 1995, Ahead’s leading application, Nero, has built a loyal customer base of more than 160 million users world-wide.

Ahead’s award-winning flagship product, Nero 6, provides an all-in-one comprehensive digital media solution. Ahead’s product line also includes Nero Digital(TM) – audio/video technology, the new Nero PhotoShow Elite – the easy and complete photo solution, SIPPS – VoIP, and across – professional computer aided translation software. Ahead distributes its products globally through world’s leading drive manufacturers and PC makers, as well as leading worldwide retailers, online partners, and also directly to consumers at www.nero.com. Ahead Software AG is headquartered in Karlsbad, Germany, with its subsidiaries Ahead Software Inc. located in Glendale, California, USA and Ahead Software K.K. located in Yokohama, Japan.

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