AgfaJet Now Available From Agfa Consumer Product Resources; Telephone Sales Group Offers Complete Assortment of High-Quality Ink-Jet Media

AgfaJet Now Available From Agfa Consumer Product Resources; Telephone Sales Group Offers Complete Assortment of High-Quality Ink-Jet Media

WILMINGTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 19, 1999–

Agfa Corporation’s Desktop Products Group (USA-DTP), a leading provider of award-winning digital cameras and desktop scanners, announced today that AgfaJet, a complete line of ink-jet materials, will now be available through Agfa Consumer Product Resources. Customers can order AgfaJet ink-jet materials from Agfa Consumer Product Resources by calling 888-281-2302.

AgfaJet ink-jet media provides high-quality output for most major brands of inkjet printers and is ideal for color photos and presentations. The current AgfaJet line includes three new photo-grade papers and a transparent film – each producing high-density output in rich, vibrant colors from standard inkjet printers. The four varieties of AgfaJet paper include Glossy Photo Inkjet Paper, PhotoPrint Paper, Premium Quality Inkjet Paper and Transparency Inkjet Film.

“We have taken our years of experience in the photography industry and put them toward developing the highest quality inkjet materials designed for desktop printers,” said Christophe Fremont, Director, USA-DTP. “We are pleased to offer this high-performing paper through Agfa Consumer Product Resources.”

Agfa provides on-line support for users who have the desire to check the appropriate settings for their particular printer. (Users can find appropriate printer settings on Agfa’s Web site, located at

The complete assortment of AgfaJet can also be purchased on-line at

Four Inkjet Papers and Films:

AgfaJet Glossy Photo Inkjet Paper is double-sided material, giving the user the option of a glossy or satin finish. Photographically coated, this paper is ideal for outputting color photographs. The neutral color and high gloss finish of the paper ensures the reproduction of images with deep, brilliant colors.

AgfaJet PhotoPrint Paper is a genuine photo-quality product–right down to the Agfa logo printed on the back. Ideal for outputting color photographs for invitations or birthday cards, as well as color pages in presentations, PhotoPrint has the same weight and feel as traditional Agfa photographic prints. Similar to the Glossy Photo Inkjet paper, the neutral color and high gloss finish helps produce images with a true photo look – great sharpness with accurate reproduction of colors. PhotoPrint paper is available in two sizes; 4″ X 6″ and 5.85″ X 14″. Currently, PhotoPrint paper is the only inkjet material available in a panoramic format (5.85″ X 14″).

Perfect for reports, presentations and desktop publishing, AgfaJet Premium Quality Inkjet Paper is designed for small and home office use. Packaged in two sizes (8.5″ X 11″ and 11″ X 17″) in cost-effective quantities, the Premium Quality paper holds sharp, brilliant colors. In addition, the paper is printable on both sides. The front is coated, while the back has a matte finish–appropriate for labels or descriptions.

Users can easily create postcards and photo albums with this double-sided paper. Ideal for overhead cells, report covers or similar transparent applications, AgfaJet Transparency Inkjet Film offers superior bleed control and excellent image quality. In addition, Agfa has incorporated a paper stripe so the film will work on all printers with optical page check.


The complete assortment of AgfaJet includes:

size sheets per suggested

(in inches) package price

Glossy Photo Inkjet paper 8.5 X 11 50 24.99

8.5 X 11 20 9.95

PhotoPrint paper 4 X 6 20 4.99

5.85 X 14 20 19.99

Premium Quality Inkjet paper 8.5 X 11 200 18.99

11 X 17 200 39.99

Transparency Inkjet film 8.5 X 11 50 34.99


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