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AEI Music launches satellite music and messaging channel aimed at convenience stores; new service blends music and in-store promotions

AEI Music launches satellite music and messaging channel aimed at convenience stores; new service blends music and in-store promotions

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 17, 1996–AEI Music Network today launched the first music and messaging service designed specifically for the convenience store market.

Combining digital technology with customized messaging flexibility, the Convenience Store Network is an extension of the successful music services that AEI Music designs for its specialty retail customers.

The Convenience Store Network incorporates ProMessage, AEI Music’s new digital message storage system which is downloaded via satellite, along with music programming. Music and custom messages are broadcast at the gas pump islands and in the store.

ProMessage allows custom messages to be downloaded via satellite to individual sites where they are stored digitally and played at predetermined intervals. This eliminates the need and high cost of real-time messaging. All message scripting and professional production are provided by AEI Music, specific to the individual or group locations.

Tests show music/messaging increases sales

With this new network, AEI Music now offers a turn-key music and message marketing program to the 220,000 convenience stores and gasoline stations in the United States. Adaptable for chain stores as well as independent operators, the network is targeted primarily to convenience stores whose in-store sales have been affected by pay-at-the-pump service. Initial tests show a 13-24 percent increase in non-fuel sales as a result of the custom message/music programming, according to Tim Seaton, director of national sales.

A typical application includes installation of speakers at the gas islands as well as speakers, amplifier and all necessary satellite receiving equipment installed in the store. AEI Music’s experienced programmers draw on a library of over 90,000 recordings by the original artists to design a channel that complements the store’s marketing scheme. Messages are custom produced or selected from an extensive catalog that promotes convenience store items and related services. Downloaded monthly, these messages can tie into specific weekly, daily and even hourly promotions.

The cost of the Convenience Store Network starts at $70 a month, depending on the programming and the complexity of the in-store installation. AEI Music is also developing a variation of the new network specifically for grocery stores to be released later this year.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in business, AEI Music provides business music programs and systems to over 120,000 customers around the world. Known for developing the concept of utilizing music by original artists as a marketing tool, AEI Music’s services are a mainstay in industry, retail, restaurants, hotels and airlines.

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