AccuRev Announces AccuRev/CM 3.0

AccuRev Announces AccuRev/CM 3.0

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BROOKLINE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 26, 2001

Software Configuration Management and Version Control Tool

Significantly Enhances Disaster Recovery with Time and Data

Saving Repository Mirroring Feature

AccuRev, Inc., the TimeSafe(TM) Configuration Management Software company, today announced the introduction of AccuRev/CM Release 3.0. This newly enhanced version of the highly acclaimed software configuration management (SCM) solution now offers a powerful repository mirroring feature, enabling software development organizations to recover and resume work within minutes of a major system failure or in the event of a disaster.

Repository mirroring is a natural and logical extension of AccuRev/CM’s unique and powerful client/server architecture. The data repository, which contains a development organization’s software assets (source code, test scripts, release images, etc.), is managed by a unique “append-only” database server. This transaction-oriented server ensures the integrity and consistency of the repository at all times. Moreover, these server features enable the rapid, dependable propagation of all changes to one or more backup copies of the repository. These changes can be hosted locally or remotely at secure sites maintained by the development organization, on site at AccuRev or via application service providers (ASP). After a set of transactions is propagated, each backup is an exact, up-to-date copy of the original repository.

In anticipation of the AccuRev/CM 3.0 release, Carl Scholz, vice president of technology at Texterity, Inc., said, “In the three years that Texterity has been using AccuRev/CM, it has proven extremely valuable to our growing engineering team. The expected new features in AccuRev/CM 3.0 will enable us to easily support co-location of our ASP delivery model, as well as develop and implement a disaster recovery plan.”

“The primary and unique benefit of repository mirroring is that you can recover in minutes what would take hours or days with other solutions,” said Semyon Dukach, President and CEO of AccuRev. “If an accidental or unforeseen event renders the server unavailable, the user is able to simply redirect client machines to the backup server, where the AccuRev program is already executing in “hot standby” mode. As a result, the user is now ready to use the up-to-date backup copy of the repository. No rebooting or other action is required to implement this hot failover capability.”

About AccuRev, Inc.

Founded in 1993, AccuRev produces Software Configuration Management and Version Control tools built on TimeSafe(TM) technology, a fundamentally superior approach to SCM. AccuRev/CM is remarkably easy to use, and it is also the only product that can always guarantee the integrity of source code or other critical documents throughout their lifecycle, without relying on an error prone manual process.

AccuRev’s customers include MCI/WorldCom (Nasdaq:WCOM), the Gartner Group, IBM/Lotus (NYSE:IBM), Nortel Networks (NYSE:NT), and Mobile Data Solutions Inc. (Nasdaq:MDSI).

AccuRev is a privately held company headquartered in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA. AccuRev’s web site is at

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