Acadia Software ships Acadia Infuse 1.0; Limited-time discount price offer through Dec. 31

Acadia Software ships Acadia Infuse 1.0; Limited-time discount price offer through Dec. 31

BOXBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec. 17, 1996–

First visual editor for

Netscape’s JavaScript and LiveWire

makes it easier to create and reuse JavaScript scripts

Acadia Software today announced that Acadia Infuse(tm) 1.0, the industry’s first JavaScript editing tool for Windows 95 and NT, is now shipping.

Acadia Infuse, which had been available in a free trialware beta version since October, enables Web developers to rapidly create JavaScript scripts and Netscape ONE(tm), open network environment applications within a visual, drag-and-drop environment.

Version 1.0 of Acadia Infuse is now available for download in a free trialware version for evaluation over the Web at . The company is offering Acadia Infuse for the limited-time discount price of $79.95 through December 31, 1996, after which it will sell at the list price of $129.95. Users purchase the product via a secure credit card transaction directly from Acadia’s web site.

Acadia Infuse is designed for both Web developers and HTML page designers who are using JavaScript to enhance Web pages, as well as for Web developers working with Netscape LiveWire(tm), Netscape’s tool for creating live, online applications. It offers unparalleled integration of JavaScript into its development environment, maximizing productivity and making learning JavaScript easier.

“JavaScript is revolutionizing the way Web-based applications are being developed,” said Bruce Beck, president of Acadia Software. “The added value of Infuse is its ability to make JavaScript much easier to learn and use for a broader range of developers.”

JavaScript is a cross-platform Web scripting language co-developed by Netscape and Sun Microsystems. It is used to enhance the functionality of Web pages that are accessible by popular Web client software, such as Netscape Navigator(tm) (versions 2.0 and higher) client software or Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 3.0). Here’s a sample of what the industry is saying about Acadia Infuse:

“Acadia Infuse is the right tool at the right time.” — Rick Fleischman, Senior Product Manager for Netscape ONE Tools,

Netscape Communications Corp.

“For creating JavaScript scripts, this editor can’t be beat! It’s unique object-oriented views allow you to quickly create complex scripts. Try it out!” — Andrew Wooldridge, Co-author of Using JavaScript, Webmaster of

JavaScript Index

“Acadia Infuse is a great product for helping web developers learn how to use JavaScript. We’re encouraging all of our JavaScript trainers to work with Infuse. Its easy to use, visual editor provides easy access to the JavaScript language and techniques. We believe Infuse’s reuse of code modules makes JavaScript more accessible and useful to a wider audience of web developers.” — Scott Weiner, President, Paradigm Research, Inc.

“With it’s unique approach to displaying JavaScript objects and functions right on the editor screen, Infuse allows me to develop JavaScript code without having to continually dig through a manual, saving me both time and money. It’s nice to finally see an editor that combines such ease of use with speed and simplicity.” — Paul Colton, President & CEO, Live Software, Co-author of Java


Visual Development Environment for JavaScript

Acadia Infuse can be used as an editor for creating HTML pages with embedded JavaScript or as a companion tool to any of the popular existing HTML editors. Infuse also integrates JavaScript in its environment to enable developers to learn the JavaScript language quickly. By doing so, Acadia Infuse gives developers immediate access to JavaScript and LiveWire object models, reserved words, custom objects, and other language particulars.

Among its key benefits, Acadia Infuse provides Web developers of all skill levels working in JavaScript with:

— A powerful editor with JavaScript and HTML color syntax

highlighting; — An integrated script navigator to quickly navigate source files; — Visual trees to browse JavaScript objects and language elements; — A context-sensitive JavaScript language reference built into the

editing environment; — An easier way to reuse JavaScript scripts, with the ability to

drop in commonly-used JavaScript and LiveWire code into a source

file; — Support for HTML with its visual HTML Tag tree and toolbar; — Includes Netscape’s official “JavaScript Authoring Guide,”

licensed from Netscape, as a context-sensitive language reference; — The ability to preview scripts in Netscape Navigator and/or

Microsoft Internet Explorer at the touch of a button; and, — The ability to compile LiveWire applications from within Acadia

Infuse and quickly access the LiveWire Site Manager.

About Acadia Software

Founded in 1995, Acadia Software is a leading developer of Web software products and solutions located in the Boston, MA metropolitan area. Acadia Software is a Netscape ONE platform licensee, supporting JavaScript development as a part of its support for Netscape ONE. Acadia Software is located at 1300 Massachusetts Avenue, Boxborough, MA 01719. The company can be reached at (508) 264-4881; the fax number is (508) 635-9211. The company’s Web site is at . -0- Acadia Infuse is a trademark of Acadia Software. Netscape, Netscape Communications, Netscape LiveWire, and Netscape Navigator are trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are owned by their respective holders.

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