2000 Process with Quality and Compliance Technology from IBS America, Inc.; QSi Web System Transforms Paper-Based Process to Automated System

Madico Streamlines ISO 9001:2000 Process with Quality and Compliance Technology from IBS America, Inc.; QSi Web System Transforms Paper-Based Process to Automated System

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IBS Decreases Management Costs & Enables Employees to Improve

Quality Processes

IBS America, Inc., one of the world’s leading suppliers of Internet-based software and services for quality and compliance management, today announced that Madico, a leading manufacturer of architectural, safety and specialty glass films, has deployed the QSi Web System. Madico will leverage the software to further streamline business and production protocols, such as those outlined in ISO 9001:2000. IBS’ Web-based QSi Web System enables Madico to convert its paper-based document control system to more efficient and cost-effective online processes.

As one of the world’s largest providers of safety and security glass films and attachment systems, quality control has always been a Madico hallmark. Before deploying QSi Web System, Madico manually updated thousands of quality documents detailing hundreds of processes. This time-consuming process challenged the company’s demanding quality standards. Today Madico can seamlessly revise, edit and manage critical documents quickly, easily and reliably.

According to Madico’s Quality Systems and Manufacturing Manager Dan Mackay, the IBS’ Internet-based software simplifies processes across Madico’s entire enterprise. Mackay said, “The QSi Web System is a fundamental component of our sophisticated technology architecture. By ensuring documentation is always accessible online, the system allows our employees to access quality control documentation from smart workstations throughout our plants, ensuring they have constant access to the most current and accurate information.”

QSi Web System greatly simplifies and accelerates the task of ensuring and proving compliance. QSi Web System includes a Web-based, platform-independent document control system that enables documents to be created, edited, routed and deleted via the Internet. With QSi Web System, the entire documentation lifecycle is automated and optimized for peak efficiency.

Making Employees Part of the Quality Processes

Rather than spending weeks auditing, editing and revising documents, Madico now manages its quality documentation on a daily basis. Employees are empowered to recommend content changes or policy updates online, and the system automates proper approval routing.

“Employees working on the manufacturing floor provide some of the keenest insights into process and product quality, but without a centralized online system, it is difficult for an organization to incorporate diverse suggestions. The easy-to-use QSi Web System allows us to tap into this valuable knowledge base,” Mackay added.

QSi Web System also helped Madico streamline its ISO certification maintenance process. ISO auditors who inspect the company’s processes no longer have to locate and inspect paper-based documents. All documentation can be accessed instantly from a single work station and audit trails detailing incidents or corrective actions are readily available.

“I was impressed with how clearly and efficiently the QSi Web System organizes key ISO 9001:2000 documentation for review by the assessor,” said Jay Schlickman, an independent consultant and RAB certified quality management systems lead auditor. “When I audited the QSi Web System databases it was obvious to me that compliance to the International Standard had been expedited and enhanced by the use of electronic media to design Madico’s information management infrastructure. The manner in which the organization’s processes interact with each other was more understandable and more clearly presented by use of the extremely flexible computer displays.”

“Achieving quality certification is not simply about meeting standards; it is about improving processes that help organizations increase efficiency, reduce cost and produce better products,” said IBS America CEO Matthias Grossmann. “IBS is committed to helping businesses like Madico reap these benefits by gaining certification to ISO or any compliance standard quickly and cost effectively.”

About Madico Inc.

Madico Inc. has been developing innovative materials for more than a century. An unrivaled commitment to research and development has enabled the company to pioneer a number of industry-first products and processes. Madico’s cornerstone products are a suite of window films designed for virtually any application – view control, commercial and residential energy control, safety and security, and automotive. The company’s corporate headquarters and manufacturing complex are located in Woburn, Massachusetts.

About IBS America, Inc.

Providing the broadest range of quality systems products, IBS helps thousands of businesses worldwide achieve their quality goals with its family of compliance management and quality control applications. Its QSi compliance management system lowers the cost of achieving quality while addressing the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14000, ISO/TS 16949:2002, 21 CFR Part 11 and other leading standards. Enterprises depend on its QSYS quality control applications to provide a scalable, enterprise wide quality system for shop floor control, supply chain management, six sigma initiatives and productivity improvement. IBS software is deployed in more than 18 countries serving many of the world’s leading businesses such as BMW, Cummins Engine Company, Johnson Controls, Kodak, AGFA, Dana Corporation, Goodyear Tire and Rubber, British Petroleum, Siemens, TYCO International and General Electric. For more information about IBS and its products, please visit IBS online at www.ibs-us.com.

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