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Onside – web site – Brief Article

Onside has launched a B2B Web site — Onsidekick.com — which allows private label and branded sporting goods manufacturers to sell customized products in a more efficient way by streamlining the procurement process. Through Onsidekick.com, retailers can: design models to exact specifications, view life-like, virtual samples of products, place orders using a rules-based system and track orders through every step of the process.

Benefits of the model include: the ability to create a totally unique custom-built product; detailed and transparent information on trends, product specs and price implications of design choices; the ability to track orders; and the convenience of 24-hour, seven-day availability of the site, with no need for salesperson visits.

Onside Inc. creates visual customization and order-entry technology enabled through its vertical service providers (VSP), such as onsidekick.com, for branded and private label manufacturers.

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