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Franchise solutions

Have you been looking for the right business opportunities to fulfill those entrepreneurial dreams? We at blackenterprise.com can help you find the industry that suits your talents perfectly. By using our free Franchise Finder, you can locate business opportunities quickly and easily! You will receive free information on available franchises, the products they offer, and advice on how to run your business more efficiently and effectively. You’ll also have the luxury of using our User Services menu, which gives you everything to get you started from a free consultation on financing your new business to interviews with franchise CEOs. Get involved today!

ShareBuilder by Netstock

ShareBuilder and blackenterprise.com are offering investors a unique and innovative way to invest for the long term. Through blackenterprise.com ShareBuilder, you can set up an online account that will build your portfolio over time through automatic, recurring, dollar-based investments. Simply choose which stocks you want to invest in, how often you’d like to invest (weekly, monthly, or occasionally), and how you’d like to fund your account. It’s that easy. ShareBuilder offers an affordable way to invest and emphasizes the accumulation of stock, rather than trading on a constant basis. It’s the newest way to invest online, and there are no account or investment minimums. Try it out today!

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