Perfect Presentation

Perfect Presentation

Robyn D. Clarke

Q: I want to present an idea to the head of the company. What should I keep in mind?

A: “Remember that although the boss is a very important person, he or she wants all employees to do well. Knowing that can help relieve anxiety,” says Robert E. Little, president and CEO of Solutions Training and Development, a workplace diversity and communication consulting firm in Jackson, Mississippi.

First and foremost, make sure your presentation is organized. Your opening should be attention grabbing but brief. Explore no more than three main points in the body, and use facts and statistics to support your ideas. Anticipate questions and be willing and able to answer them. If possible, use visual aids.

It’s also important to watch your body language. “You communicate 55% of what you say through posture and facial expressions,” says Utile. Above all, practice–take a few minutes before the meeting to go over your notes. Even if you’re a natural talker, this is no time to wing it. Your future at the company depends on a polished delivery.

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