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Alan Hughes

QA What type of information is included in a mission statement? How long should it be?

–J. Jones Via the Internet

A mission statement is just that–a statement. It should convey the goal and ideals of the company and its employees without being long and drawn out. Disney has a great one that’s just four words: “To make people happy.”

Though a statement that’s terse doesn’t necessarily work for every business, your mission statement should be no longer than a few concise but informative sentences. It should explain what your company does and why.

As you create your mission statement, consider the following concepts:

* The moral/ethical position of the enterprise

* The desired public image for the company

* The key strategic influence for the business

* A description of the business’ target market

* A description of its products/services

* The geographic domain

* Expectations of growth and profitability

For inspiration, I’d recommend reading The Mission Statement Book: 301 Corporate Mission Statements from America’s Top Companies by Jeffrey Abrahams (Ten Speed Press; $24.95). It lists mission statements from many corporate giants. For instructional guidance, I recommend The Mission Primer: Four Steps to an Effective Mission Statement by Richard O’Hallaron and David O’Hallaron (Mission Incorporated; $19), which lays out simple instructions on creating and adhering to your corporate vision.

Keep in mind that along with a business or succession plan, mission statements should be updated as your company evolves. Don’t be afraid to revisit the statement when needed.

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