Office of Personnel Management

Office of Personnel Management

Kay Cole James


Office of Personnel Management

As President George W. Bush’s principal advisor in matters of personnel administration for the 1.8 million members of the Federal civil service, U.S. Office of Personnel Management Director Kay Coles James is responsible for planning for the future needs of the Federal workforce and for helping agencies improve human resources management and human capital practices including the development of a diverse high quality workforce that is citizen-centered, market-based and results-oriented.

Our human capital demands today require a fresh approach that meets President Bush’s vision of a civil service that is citizen-centered, results oriented, and market-based. The Federal government employs African American men and women at a higher rate than employed in the U.S. civilian labor force averages. With the aging composition of the Federal government workforce there are even greater opportunities for qualified individuals from every sector to work for America.

OPM Director James states, “I know from my own experience that mentors–parents, siblings and teaches–all play a critical role in giving young people the tools they need to succeed despite the obstacles they face, and in helping to restore hope. Perhaps most importantly, Federal employment allows every American the opportunity to serve their fellow citizens through exciting opportunities. It is my hope you will light the fires of imagination and enthusiasm and enable America to continue to prosper through the magnificent mix of talent which diversity provides.”

To learn more about employment with the Federal government log onto USA JOBS website ( USA JOBS allows citizens to locate, research and apply for any position for which they qualify within the Federal government.

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