Moving on to Cali; a new venue, but same superb service – B.E. Challenge

Moving on to Cali; a new venue, but same superb service – B.E. Challenge – Black Enterprise/Pepsi Golf and Tennis Challenge

Feona Sharhran Huff

If you thought you had a phenomenal time as a participant at last year’s Black Enterprise/Pepsi Golf & Tennis Challenge then your experience will be nothing less than spectacular when the tournament kicks off during Labor Day Weekend 2002. This year, the location will be the La Quinta Resort & Club in La Quinta, California.

Strategically positioned in a popular tourist area in Palm Springs that has been regarded as the “Golf Capital of the World,” La Quinta Resort & Club is ranked the No. 1 resort among California deserts by Conde Nast Traveler.

When you’re not attending a workshop or hitting the golf course or tennis courts or learning how the game is played, you can enjoy the hotel’s many amenities, which La Quinta’s courteous staff will be eagerly awaiting to offer you.

For instance, if relaxing in a luxurious hotel suite is what you want, relaxation is what you’ll get at La Quinta. You’ll find total seclusion and peaceful privacy in a hacienda suite. Here, you’ll be able to indulge yourself in pure pleasure with the help of a large pool, comfortably-sized hot spa, spacious living room with wet bar, and a perfectly crafted patio for outdoor meditation and desert sun exposure.

And since the desert heat is sure to hit your skin at some point during your stay, spa treatments will rejuvenate and rehydrate your sensitive skin–returning it to its naturally appealing look and feel. The staffers will urge you to sit back in silence and let their skincare therapy work in your favor. You can start your skincare treatment by trying out the La Quinta Custom Facial. Watch and feel as ingredients, including Vitamin C, alpha hydroxoy acid, and topical oxygen are applied to targeted areas. A 50-minute facial workout will cost about $110. For the men who aren’t afraid to get pampered, there’s the Just For Guys skincare service. Not only will you walk away with clean and clear skin and a massaged scalp, but you’ll also learn proper shaving techniques. Say goodbye to razor cuts!

Let’s not forgot those aching muscles that will most likely scream for attention. La Quinta’s various treatments include its Grape Seed Crush Glow, Citrus Scrub, Silken Honey Treatment, Detoxifying Seaweed Body Mash Mountain Dunes Clay Wrap, and Cahuilla Sage Wrap. All designed with you in mind. As for body massages, all you golf enthusiasts will love the spas PGA West Golf Massage, which concentrates on the hands, arms, lower back, and shoulders. Other athlete-inspired treatments include Sports Hydrotherapy, Sacred Stone Therapy, and Reflexology–don’t worry if you’re not necessarily a golf or tennis pro, these treatments are good for everyone.

La Quinta’s offerings are not limited to spa services. You can also enjoy rock climbing, horseback riding, shopping runs, street fairs, and hot air balloon rides.

Attending the 2002 Black Enterprise/ Pepsi Golf & Tennis Challenge at La Quinta Hotel will offer you a fabulous experience, complete with networking, sports, dinner, dancing, and touring. You won’t forget what the event had to offer, and you’ll also be ready for it next year!

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