Motivating mentor – Letters

Motivating mentor – Letters

I’M A FIRST-TIME, SELF-PUBLISHED author and mortgage consultant with a high school diploma and no college experience. Although I don’t have a college degree, I do have a great deal of persistence and hands-on experience in my field. I aspire to open and operate my own firm by January 2003.

Your magazine is just what I need to assist me in reaching my goal. I find your articles and features to be most informative. As a young African American professional with limited [formal] education, I find BE both inspiring and motivating.

Your team puts it all out there without beating around the bush. As a 32-year-old man of color, I find that most aspiring entrepreneurs need mentors to coach them along the way to success. I don’t have one yet, but I do have BE. Thanks, and keep inspiring me.

Brian M. Peay

Charlotte, North Carolina

I WANTED TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO say how much I have enjoyed my subscription to BE over the years. Your magazine has motivated me and given me the ultimate drive toward becoming a successful entrepreneur, after watching other people of color do the same.

I am currently in my first year of law school and, upon graduation, would like to get into commercial law.

This note is also one of praise. One of our corporate leaders, Richard Parsons of AOL Time Warner, will be named CEO in May 2002. This is a major accomplishment. Please have him on the cover of BE in the near future so we all can celebrate this success.

God bless, and continue with the excellent coverage.

George Bower

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Editor’s note: At the time we received your letter, we were hard at work on a feature story on AOL Time Warner CEO designate Richard D. Parsons. As a subscriber, we hope you were pleased to see that Parsons was featured as the cover subject of our February 2002 issue. Long-time subscribers know that we’ve been covering Parson’s career since 1975, and that his first cover-story appearance in BE was for the October 1994 issue when he was set to become CEO of Dime Bancorp.

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