Is George W. Bush a good president? – holla back

Is George W. Bush a good president? – holla back – Brief Article

jessica HAYES

age: 15

chicago, IL

I think President Bush has the ability and experience. However, he has made some decisions that I disagree with. For example, the Enron problem. Also, he took too long to start looking for Osama bin Laden after the Sept. 11 exposure.

ashley SUTTON

age: 13

houston, TX

Yes, I believe that George Bush is a good president. So far, it does not seem like he is making any mistakes and he made a good decision on sending the troops into Afghanistan.

garland P. CURRY III

age: 15

miami, FL

I would have to say yes. He is showing his capability of being a strong and secure president through these troubled times. He’s made some good decisions about how we should deal with the catastrophe [of Sept. 11] and how we should stick together. However, I do not believe that President Bush has done a lot of things to help the African American community. So I hope that President Bush will apply himself more in helping out the less fortunate, not just the black community but also other needy communities.

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