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Fun and games – Web Watch – Internet games

Fun and games – Web Watch – Internet games – Brief Article

Sonya A. Donaldson

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. The Web is filled with hundreds of ways to spend a little downtime, and for free! Sure, you want to impress your friends with talk of online investing and “serious news” but, admit it, when no one’s around, you log on and play. Now there’s no need to hide. BLACK ENTERPRISE has unearthed some of the coolest sites for online fun just in time for summer. So sit back, log on, and enjoy.


EDITOR’S CHOICE ( Games, puzzles, music, films–there’s no end to the interactive fun at Check out the Atomfilms section for animations and short films. and create your own music mixes with Groove Blender.

Also check out:

The Station ( ( (


Echo ( Content, community, contests. Those are just a few of the reasons to visit Echo, a site that lets you create your own music station, rate songs, and listen to what you want You can also enter a monthly contest for prizes such as a digital camera or an MP3 player.

Also cheek out: (

Live365 (



Urban Entertainment (www.urban Driving While Black and Say Wut are just two of the animated and short films you’ll find on this site focused on African American- and urban-themed entertainment.

Also check out:

iFilm ( (

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